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Timber Wolf: Classic Aristocrat Slot Theme That Holds Up With Time

Timber Wolf by Aristocrat bonus retrigger 15x
Written by Joshua

Some slot machine formats hold up over decades, and like Buffalo, another Aristocrat game, Timber Wolf is one of those games you can continue to find in various forms on the casino floor, including the original.

The games are somewhat similar, actually, in that they both are 5×4 reel sets with all ways pays (1024 ways to win), and clumped symbols of both premium and poker symbols.

Where Timber Wolf differs the most is largely in the bonus. On Buffalo, wilds appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 with 2x and 3x multipliers in the bonus. On Timber Wolf, wilds are only on reels 2 and 4, with a 3x on reel 2 and a 5x on reel 4 in the bonus. Timber Wolf also has a respin feature if a wild appears without a winning combo on the reel set.

Timber Wolf also starts you with more spins (12) than Buffalo (8), but you need at least three symbols to trigger. Wilds, however, can substitute for the bonus symbol (just like on Whales of Cash).

As you can see by the picture up top, even on smaller bets the potential can be very large; I had a 500x bonus in total thanks to the hit you see here plus the 15x kings as well, which also gave me an additional 12 free spins.

Timber Wolf as a theme has had a variety of brand extensions that grow by the year, such as Timber Wolf Gold, Timber Wolf Deluxe and the use of its theme in popular brands like Cash Express Luxury Line. But the original is still out there in good numbers, and still delivers a strong experience in today’s casino environment

Timber Wolf Slot Videos

RandomSlots has a recent session with the pay tables included and a bonus:

MATV Slots gets the dreem hit with a 15x retrigger and five symbols during a bonus:

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