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Understanding the Mighty Cash Series

Mighty Cash hero
Written by Joshua

The Mighty Cash series of games is part of a popular wave of titles that follow the Lightning Link model. In this case, it’s also made by Aristocrat studio Gimmie Games, and as a game mechanic been embedded in a more diverse variety of games than most of the other games of this type.

We’ll take a look at the standard Mighty Cash game format, how bets work, and help you understand the options. Things can differ a bit from game to game, but the core ideas tend to be similar.

Like our conversation about Dancing Drums, the betting options allow for a surprising depth that give you control over what type of game you wish to play.

Betting options

The Mighty Cash bet panel has a row for just the Mighty Cash bonus size, and a second that is a line multiplier that also multiplies the Mighty Cash symbols (and the numerical values inside them).

The betting panel on Mighty Cash has two sets of choices within a given denomination (most Mighty Cash machines are configured to be multi-denomination). The top row relates directly to the money symbols. There are five choices, with higher bets in this activating larger numbers on the money symbols. This is effectively a bonus bet – how much you wish to choose to invest in the Mighty Cash bonus opportunity.

The bottom row is your bet multiplier, which will multiply both line hits and the numbers that the Mighty Cash money symbols can house. All bets, no matter what choices on the top and bottom panel, make you eligible for all progressives, and for the MIghty Cash bonus. But the choices you make can amp up the Mighty Cash bonus, the line hits or somewhere in between.

Similar to games like Dancing Drums, amping up the bet on the Mighty Cash bonus is generally a volatility play as you’re putting a disproportionate weight on a bonus. That said, Mighty Cash line hit chasing can be pretty volatile as well, so it’s all about the experience you’re seeking from the game.

The standard Mighty Cash game has five jackpots, with a Mini and Minor jackpot that is fixed, and a Major, Maxi and Grand progressive jackpot. The jackpots may be linked across a bank of machines, or contained to individual machines.

The Bonuses

Mighty Cash bonus initiated
The Mighty Cash bonus works like many of the games with numerical values on the reel – collect more, win more. But there’s a couple of unique twists.

The Mighty Cash feature is the core bonus of any Mighty Cash game. When you land the appropriate number of money symbols (or more), you will go into a respin mode that gives you a set number of spins based on the number of symbols that initiated the bonus (6 money symbols give you 6 spins, 7 gives you 7 spins, etc.)

Unlike Lightning Link, where the Hold & Spin always requires six balls to initiate, the Mighty Cash bonus can trigger with 5 money symbols on higher denomination options (for a penny machine this will be the nickel and dime levels). This may impact the betting choices some make, since getting five symbols can seem easier. But then you only get 5 respins.

All jackpots are available at any bet, and do not require a full screen to win, another difference from Lightning LInk. The Grand can land on a money symbol and as long as you get enough symbols to trigger the bonus, or if it lands in the middle of a Mighty Cash bonus, it’s yours. If you manage to fill the board with symbols, you get double the payout (including all progressives except the Grand, which is not doubled).

During a Know Your Slots group pull, participant Sheilah landed a full screen of Mighty Cash symbols in the bonus.

Sometimes when you run out of spins, a second chance feature will give you 1-3 additional spins, but this feature is not guaranteed.

Mighty Cash games generally have a free spins feature as well, with 8 spins awarded to attempt to get some major wins. The Mighty Cash bonus can land during the bonus round as well.

Mighty Cash bonus announced

The game will sometimes “announce” that a bonus or big line hit is coming with an animation informed by the theme of the game.

See the Game in Action

Brian Christopher recently landed the Grand progressive jackpot while betting the minimum bet on nickels. His final outcome was 9000x his bet – insane! Check out the video:

Do you play Mighty Cash? What’s your favorite version? Share in the comments below!

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  • I played MightyCash at Island View in Gulfport and got the Grand and it only paid $1000 instead of the $4k jackpot. I was playing $2.70 on a penny with the blue colored coins. It was my understanding you got the jackpot amount no matter what you played if you got the Grand during a Mighty Cash bonus. I was so disappointed. What do you have to be playing to win the grand jackpot?

    • If the grand orb falls in the Mighty Cash bonus on a trigger or during the bonus (depending on the game, sometimes you can only land upon trigger) you win the Grand progressive. There is no minimum bet requirement on that game.

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