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URComped: Submitting Offers to Get Offers

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I previously addressed how URComped positions itself in the ecosystem, but I see a lot of confusion within the slot community around what offers to submit and why it matters. So in today’s post I’ll go over what offers to submit and why.

Best Option: Cruise Vouchers from Other Sources

The whole point of submitting offers to URComped is to give them a general understanding of your play history. If you are earning cruise vouchers from a land-based casino, and are able to submit that information to URComped, they can get a clear sense of the play you’ve made elsewhere.

As such, if a land-based casino is giving you a free cruise offer, it clearly indicates to URComped you’re playing at a level where their cruise line partner has deemed it acceptable to extend the offer. That bodes well for URComped being able to do the same at a minimum.

If you are receiving offers directly from the cruise line, that should be good for URComped to be able to leverage that as well. But since many players don’t have a history with any cruise line, land-based cruise offers are the next best thing.

Secondary Option: Free Play Offers

In the absence of actual cruise line vouchers, your free play offers from land-based casinos can provide URComped helpful info. In the case of what they evaluate, they’re looking at free play available in a single day. If you have something like $300 in free play for the month, but it’s metered out daily in $10 increments, that’s not as useful as, say, a $100 free play in a visit offer.

It’s smart to put your best foot forward and upload your best offers, as opposed to every offer from every casino. So find your best land-based offers and upload them.

This is Solely to Establish Play History

The first cruise will give URComped real data to work against, as it will the cruise lines, so because of that you can’t book more than one cruise at a time through URComped until you get your first trip on the board.

Until you take that first cruise, it’s a calculated attempt by URComped to extend you offers based on play history elsewhere, but once they have some real data around your play on cruise ships, they can extend offers just like any land-based casino, with the additional benefit that they can extend offers across multiple cruise lines, and vouch for the accuracy of the data of your previous play.

Once you have actual play history, you also have the ability to book multiple cruises.

Your Offers May Not Get You a Free Cruise, But Instead a Discount

If you don’t have free cruise offers from other sources, and your free play offers don’t reach the threshold for a given cruise, you may only be offered a discount. Remember, cruises are multi-hundred-dollar value, and if your play history doesn’t indicate enough play to cover those comps, you might only get a discount.

As mentioned in my previous piece, URComped works like any other casino program, so any comps or discounts are going to be based on play. Higher play, higher comps – it’s pretty straightforward.

So consider what offers you have available, put your best foot forward, and take that first cruise so URComped can maximize what it can extend you in the future.

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