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Vegas Words: Slots Meets Scrabble with a Side of Comps

Vegas Words splash screen
Written by Joshua

Vegas Words began life as a standard slot game called Downtown Slots. But a funny thing happened during its development – a word game was added on, and the game today is known as Vegas Words.

This game was developed by Playtika, which also developed Caesars Slots and Slotomania, previously reviewed here. As such, features like the Playtika Rewards program, which gives you bigger bonuses and coin purchases when you level up, and the way Caesars Rewards credits are earned (only from purchases), is maintained here.

I will largely focus the review on what is new here. You can check out those previous reviews for the details on those capabilities.

Overview of the App

Vegas Words slot lobby

The game features more than 100 slots; the bulk of them approximate 3- and 5-reel machines of the physical variety, with only a minor number of the video slot style. Many of the video slots herald from Playtika’s other games, probably to fill out the collection.

Downtown Slots originated with a focus on offering that old school physical reel experience, which likely explains the concentration even now.

Vegas Words slot rooms

The names of the casinos herald from the various Caesars brands, connecting the games a bit in another way. There’s a few slots branded with the casino names, but most use original themes.

Vegas Words word game

A unique aspect to the app is the Words game. You aim to make a certain number of words each round. When you reach certain point levels, which are derived from the tiles, you build the board prize. You earn stars for completing challenges or meeting the point goal for a board. Once you’ve met the word count, the board is completed and a new one started.

Vegas Words city list

Earn enough stars and you move on tot he next city. Each city has a completion bonus when you make it.

Vegas Words earn tiles

Spin enough, or increase a level, and you’ll get tiles that you can use to make words. You must always have a full rack of tiles when attempting to make a word, so playing slots is how you advance that.

Vegas Words daily bonus

You earn daily gifts for both coins and letters to make words, so you always have a baseline to work from each day.

Vegas Words daily quest

Finally, three daily quests that let you earn bonuses for completing missions.

The game has a regular level up mechanism, and is tied into the Playtika Rewards leveling available on all the Playtika apps.

Earning Coin Bonuses

Like many Playtika games, there’s a lengthy list of ways to get coin bonuses:

  • Hourly bonus: By default you can collect it every couple of hours from within the store. Accelerators sometimes let you collect it more often. Every few times you collect a wheel spin will give you a larger bonus. With certain purchases you can earn a power-up that gives you bigger bonuses.
  • Daily bonus: Each day in the gifts section you can collect a bonus.
  • Forming words: Forming words earns you coins.
  • Completing a Words board: Completing a board earns you a bonus.
  • Completing a Words board city: Earn enough stars and you’ll earn a prize for finishing up the city.
  • Leveling up: A coin bonus is awarded for leveling up; the level up bonus can be multiplied in some cases if you complete the level up quickly enough. The bonus can be triggered when you reach the halfway point of a level.
  • Completing Daily Quests: Usually a coin bonus is provided for completing each quest.
  • Watching An Ad: On the right side a promo will appear when you can watch an ad for coins.

Buying Coins

Vegas Words coin store

The coin store has plenty of options available, and purchasing coins generally includes tiles, which themselves can provide an additional coin benefit, so keep that in the back of your head when you’re purchasing.

Vegas Words bonus offer

Like many apps there’s daily deals running quite often. Be careful as in this case you’ll see that two of the deals are not as good as what it was offering me at the time (I had Super Charge active which doubled the store). But the $13.99 one was a definite deal. Be sure to vet your options to get the best deal for you.

Finally, there’s a Piggy Bank, which saves up coins when you bet just like they all do, and can be broken open for a fee. My piggy maxed out with an amount that was less than either the daily deal or the store would get me for the same price, so for me it wasn’t a good option to crack at that point.

Earning Rewards Credits

Like the other Playtika apps, you get about a 1 percent return rate in your coin purchases in the form of Caesars Rewards Reward Credits, which can be used as comps at Caesars properties nationwide.


The word game portion is the most compelling offering for those looking for something a bit more to do than just play slots. Otherwise, it’s very similar to the other Playtika apps.

Are you a big fan of Vegas Words? Prefer other games? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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My name is Joshua, and I’m a slot enthusiast who works in tech as a marketer by day, and dabbles in casinos periodically during off-times. Know Your Slots will reflect my interests in understanding the various ways you can play slots, travel, casino promotions and how you can get the most out of your casino visits.


  • I have been playing Vegas Downtown Slots for a long while and suddenly it disappeared. I was up to over 300 millions coins I really enjoy playing can you help regain where I was ?

    • I’m unfortunately not sure, Richard! In fact, the games have been removed everywhere I used to see them, so I’m no longer sure if the game is around. But you could check with Gamblit Gaming, the maker, to see if they’d answer about the dictionary!

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