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Why Reading the Whole Casino Offer Flyer Matters

Mohegan Sun holiday players perks
Written by Joshua

If you’re like me, you probably flip to wherever the numbers live when you first get a casino flyer. You might also look at the various giveaways, tier multipliers, or so forth, but often times the numbers are the core interest for a gambler so they know what they will see when they get to a casino.

Sometimes, though, the fine print matters. Do you have to activate a multiplier before you gamble to ensure the credits are multiplied, for instance? Are there steps you have to take to receive a gift, such as earning a certain number of tier credits?

Or is there a chance to get even more? That was the surprise I found when I got my annual Mohegan Sun holiday players perks offer in the mail. They usually give a bonus amount of perks to be used in December ahead of Christmas, which is always a welcome extra.

Mohegan Sun additional holiday players perks

But on the flip side of the offer, it mentioned something I don’t recall seeing before. If you have your email address registered with them, and you redeem the offer during the first half of the window, additional Players Perks will show up via email.

Because it was printed in regular holiday marketing copy, as opposed to the stand-out numbers that get overlaid on to the marketing design, it is something that could easily have been missed.

The fact there are additional actions to complete – visit in a window, be enrolled in email, earn one point, and redeem the current offer – means not just seeing the offer but paying close attention and ensuring all steps are completed. So in this case it is not just finding that such an extra is available, but also abiding by the terms.

If you do not read the offers over, you may miss the chance to get additional perks or benefits, so always be sure to look the full offer over!

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