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Goldfish: A WMS Classic Slot Machine Makes a Comeback

Goldfish by WMS bonus credits awarded
Written by Joshua

One of my favorite old-school WMS games has to be Goldfish. The game has seen its share of sequels, but the original is a simple, fun, active game that features six different bonuses to keep things interesting.

Despite the age of the game, many classic Goldfish machines remain in play in various locations such as Atlantic City and Las Vegas, but as time marches on, Scientific Games has thankfully put some energy into reissuing the game, under the name Gold Fish Classic, which is making its way back onto other casino floors.

The main bonus is the Fish Food Bonus, a true picking bonus that has you attempting to match 3-4 of the same fish (4 gets you 2x the prize) as much as you can while avoiding the turtles; three turtles will take you out of the bonus and give you one last prize to collect.

Goldfish by WMS superscatter spin
Blue fish superscatter bonus.

After any base game spin, you can get one of five random fish bonuses:

  • Goldfish: Free spins bonus. Pick to see how many spins you get at the start, between 5 and 20. Each winning spin yields a multiplier of 2-10x. Each losing spin pays a consolation prize.
  • Blue fish: Superscatter spins, up to 3, which pay scatter pay. The superscatter spin will pay a consolation prize in the absence of any line pays.
  • Red fish: Pick a symbol, which is your base prize. Then the other four fish will kiss the number to make it grow. 2-10 kisses are possible. The Goldfish kiss will double whatever the prize is at the moment; the other fish will award additional credits.
  • Green fish: Pick a bubble, which will reveal a credit prize or Award All, which will pay all credit prizes.
  • Purple fish: Three digits will fall down and land in a certain order, which will be the prize times the line bet. It can be 15-984 credits times the line bet.
Goldfish by WMS fish kiss bonus
Red fish bonus.

This is one of those lower volatility, high feature games that’s a lot of fun to play, and keeps things engaging, so it’s exciting that the game is making a comeback on the casino floor.

If you can find the old school version, those are still the best to play, but I’ll take the remake as a consolation prize if I can’t find the original.

Watch and Learn

King Jason Slots had a great run on the game on dime denomination version at Paris Las Vegas:

Here is NewEnglander82 SLOT VIDEOS playing the remade Goldfish Classic, featuring a lot of random fish features and a Fish Food Bonus:

And here’s RandomSlots with some bonuses and the pay tables:

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