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Slot Vocabulary: Multi-Denomination Machine

Denomination button slot machine Munchkinland
Written by Joshua

In a previous Slot Vocabulary post, I defined what denomination is, which in short is how a game defines how much a credit is worth at any given moment. So a $1 machine has credits that are worth $1 each, a penny slot has credits worth one cent, and so on.

Increasingly, more slot machines nowadays are a multi-denomination slot machine, which means a player can select which denomination they wish to play on. You may also find that the number of lines, credit increments and so forth may vary by denomination.

For instance, on many versions of Mighty Cash, the number of Mighty Cash symbols required to trigger the Mighty Cash bonus can change based on the denomination. Many link games, like Lightning Link and Ultimate Fire Link, vary the number of lines available based on the selected denomination, with less lines being active at higher denominations.

For players, this can be convenient for those who like to tinker with their bets and try various denominations and bet sizes. You can get various permutations on a single machine and not have to move between sections to find different denominations.

The availability of multi-denomination machines varies by casino, but many casinos have a decent number now due to the proliferation of link games and others in that genre that tend to be multi-denomination by design.

When it comes to multi-denomination slot machines, the casino can nowadays also determine the payback setting for each level. So playing a multi-denomination machine doesn’t necessarily mean you give up a bit of payback because there’s a lower denomination on the machine (although it doesn’t mean the casino’s configured it to be higher, either).

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