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Wild Fiesta Coins: Reel Upgrades Upped a Notch

Wild Fiesta Coins by Aristocrat musical notes
Written by Joshua

Aristocrat’s Wild Fiesta Coins is part of a line of Extra Bonus Wilds games (in this case Extra Extra Bonus Wilds) that features the ability to collect more wilds. This one is themed to a Mexican style, with the character dressed like a Mariachi musician, and he’s got a donkey friend to accompany him.

In this version, the guy can do his normal thing of throwing coins, falling into the pot and pulling out a bag of coins, or playing his instrument, which causes a musical note to land, which will cause more wilds to appear.

Wild Fiesta Coins by Aristocrat 4 reel sets musical notes

What separates this version is the ability for multiple sets of reels to appear; the donkey will come down and kick open 1-3 more reel sets, meaning a chance of up to 4 sets. Then the mariachi character can add wilds just like on a single reel version.

With all this in mind, you’re playing 25 lines, but wagering 60 credit increments, so the feature weighs in heavily here in being able to get pays.

Like many Aristocrat games, getting higher paying symbols in five of a kind fashion can pay well; 5 of a kind wilds pays 1500 credits a line on a single credit per line wager; the mariachi character pays 500 credits a line on the same wager.

Wild Fiesta Coins by Aristocrat free games triggered

Three or more peppers will trigger a free games bonus; more peppers will bring more games:

  • 3 peppers: 7 free games
  • 4 peppers: 10 free games
  • 5 peppers: 25 free games

You can retrigger within the free games bonus, and the Extra Extra Bonus Wilds feature comes more regularly during the free games.

Watch and Learn

Here is Randomslots‘ video with the pay tables and an Extra Extra Bonus Wilds feature being triggered:

During Slot Queen‘s last visit to Atlantic City she filmed while I was with her and I got a great bonus round. The bonus starts at 8:46:

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