Wynn Las Vegas: Opulent, Gorgeous and Glorious

Wynn and Encore Las Vegas
Written by Joshua

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The Wynn Las Vegas and its sister property, Encore, are among the newest from the ground up properties in Las Vegas (although some are nearing completion as this is written, such as resorts World and Circa).

The Wynn was developed as an effort to develop something never seen before in terms of luxury and opulence, and it succeeded wildly. Thanks to a work conference, the Wynn was also my first ever experience.

Flying cross country late in the day, having just lightly sprained my ankle, I arrived at 2:30 New York time, hit the light switch, and watched as the curtains opened as the lights faded up to a view of the strip. I knew this would be one of my favorite places and it remains so to this day.

Let’s get into the Wynn (which will include some info about Encore, given their connection, but will be primarily focused on Wynn) and what you can expect if you’ve never been here.

The Casino Floor(s)

Compared to other casinos the slot floor may seem a bit small, but the Wynn wasn’t just about gambling to begin with. However, the Encore side adds a similar sized casino floor and in combination they cover a good bit of ground.

The game and denomination mix is quite diverse – players who want some more options than the norm may find the Wynn appealing.

They also maintain a good mix of games, both old and new, so you’ll find both old favorites and some modern selections. The casino floor is pretty balanced, all things considered.

Table games are interesting as the table minimums change routinely throughout the day. A craps table may start at $25, go down to $10, go back up to $25, etc. during a normal day. Blackjack the 6:5 tables usually start at $15 and the 3:2 at $25 but can increase as the casino floor gets busy.

I’ve had great luck on the craps tables, but I’m also not shy to walk down the strip if the minimums have gotten too high for my comfort level.

Hotel Rooms

Wynn Las Vegas hotel room

I’ve said it many times over the years that the Wynn bed is one of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept in. I’ve never stayed on the Encore side, and my room has been consistently the same in the Wynn, although the view has varied –

I’ve stayed on the top floor before, with a view of the Wynn letters out to the side of my window. But the room layout is standard – the bathroom is nearly as big as the room itself, with both a tub and a shower. The main room features a couch and table sitting area. The rooms are now featuring Alexa, which can do basic commands.

Since my last stay, Wynn proceeded with a room refresh program that has seen the rooms change pretty dramatically from the above, but still maintaining the luxury that Wynn is known for. I look forward to going back at some point and checking out the new rooms.

Comp Program

[UPDATED 3/16/21]: Wynn revised its players card program entering 2021, launching the Wynn Rewards program, a multi-tier card program linked to Encore Boston Harbor in Massachusetts.

You earn a point for every $5 in slots, or every $10-20 in Video Poker, depending on the game. Points can be converted to free play, and new to this version is a comp dollar bucket. This brings the program more in line with other programs on the strip nowadays.

You can convert your points to free play in 500 point (or $5) increments. You have 12 months to use the points, and 30 days from the time of conversion to use the free play.

The newly designed tiers give players guaranteed perks when they hit Platinum (7,000 points) or Black (70,000 points).

Other Thoughts

Wynn Las Vegas carousel

It’s a gorgeous property, with lots to see. In my last visit in December, they had holiday decorations up to go along with the famous carousel. Outside they have a water feature that has fountains synchronized to music, and a waterfall.

Wynn Las Vegas water feature

There’s plenty of high-end shopping for those who wish to partake; there’s multiple shopping areas with plenty of options. The food choices, for it being a high-end property, naturally veer more towards restaurants and experiences but they do have a few grab and go options as well.

There’s very luxurious pool and spa areas, a strong buffet (which during the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved to be effectively small plates brought to you by the wait staff) and a full on site convention center.

Wynn/Encore are known for their nightlife and features such facilities as the Encore Beach Club; while they are currently closed, I’ve been in a number of the nightlife spots on site and they’re all gorgeous and well appointed.

The Wynn is an experience quite different from those of other resorts; while the price may put it out of position for some, it’s certainly an experience worth having at least once. And with the ability to get two nights on the Wynn Las Vegas app for $200 (with resort fees being optional), you can experience it for a price not horribly out of reach, even if it’s no longer free to do so.

Book Now

You can book rooms at the Wynn Las Vegas through, which offers a Best Price Guarantee. If you find a lower price while booking or within 24 hours, contact them and they’ll match it! routinely runs promotions on hotel rooms as well, making them a good place to check.

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