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Back in the Game with Art in the Game Around the New MGM Rewards

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Written by Joshua

One of the biggest topics of the new year for many players has been the announcement of the revamped MGM Rewards to take the place of Mlife Rewards. As the data has come out, there has been a lot to parse through and understand.

Art in the Game, a Springfield, Mass., based podcast that has its roots talking about an MGM property, MGM Springfield, has come back for 2022, and host Chris DiMauro and I took some time on the latest episode to break down the key changes that were made public as part of the early January announcements and press release.

We go through the devaluations that they announced on the Mlife site, the new perks with concrete cash value that were added to higher tiers such as celebration dinners and travel credits, and discuss what all of these changes overall means for players.

The episode was originally recorded on January 4, and as we wrapped up additional information began coming out; we ended up retaping it January 6 as so much more had become available by that time, helping to paint a more complete picture of what the new program will look like.

The information mirrors much of what is in my updated piece about the new program, but if you’re more likely to absorb information by listening, or just enjoy a great conversation amongst players about the changes, the episode is absolutely worth a listen, as is the podcast as a whole.

Throughout our conversation the one big thing that remains to be seen is how tier credit earnings works; as such, here’s a friendly reminder that you can earn under the old way through 1/31 and it will count towards your 2022 earnings as well as give you a bit of extra time for your 2021 earnings to complete your tier renewal or upgrade.

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