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Talking About the Random Number Generator (RNG) with The Jackpot Gents

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Written by Joshua

I love sitting down with The Jackpot Gents to discuss various topics, and our latest one was a good one, as it comes up a lot with my readers. We spoke about the Random Number Generator, how it works at a high level, and then things about slots that relate to it.

Of course, as always we go through a variety of topics as part of our conversation, including:

Steve and I both share stories that also go into some of the things that have transpired around RNGs, and how players have gotten the upper hand when the RNG has been cracked, which is part of why slot machines are encrypted and can’t be changed except for specific settings by casinos.

I see periodic suggestions of casinos “hacking” machines or making “unauthorized” versions of games that pay lower, but that’s simply not possible the way slots work today.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the video, as well as suggestions for future topics for our conversations. We’re chatting roughly once a month around new topics and we love to cover topics that viewers and readers wish to know about!

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