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The Most Read Know Your Slots Posts of 2022

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Written by Joshua

Each year I like to summarize what the most read posts on the site have been; as traffic grows and evolves sometimes the topics that people are most interested do as well. Much of my traffic comes from search engines, and every once in awhile a topic strikes a nerve as something people are interested in reading about.

If you’re curious how things looked last year, here’s the post from 2021 and a previous recap from the site’s first anniversary in May of 2020.

Keep in mind these could have been published earlier – this is based on all traffic to the site in calendar year 2022. That said, here’s the top ten most read posts of 2022.

10. Denomination Definition

Our first list entry is new to the list, but has a sister article on denominations further down the list. This makes sense given the growing proliferation of multi-denomination slot machines offering more variety than ever before.

Denomination makes up one part of the calculation of how much each spin will cost, and since the switch to a TITO system, the proliferation of denominations has grown to cover a wide variety of options.

9. Earning Free Royal Caribbean Cruises

I went on my first cruise a couple of months before I began the site, and have used the site as a way to share what I know over time. In turn, traffic around these topics has grown. This is one of two articles about cruises that are new to the list this year.

This particular article focuses on the ways you can get a free cruise with Royal Caribbean. Like casinos, there are offers, but there are also other perks such as when you tier up with their casino program that are also available.

8. MGM Rewards Program Explained

This is also new to the list, but given MGM Rewards launched in February 2022, replacing Mlife, it’s an understandable one as players got acclimated to the changes.

The information about the program change dripped out over time, and players learned about all the good and bad changes over time, which didn’t help things. Ultimately, more hard dollar perks were added, but tier earnings were slowed considerably.

7. Stopping the Reels

This one moved up a couple of spots, and is a perennial question that players have. Slots are not skill machines, so stopping the reels does nothing but speed up the display of the outcome that was selected when you started the spin.

Some players like to think they stopped the bonus, but the pay tables of most new slot machines will affirm what I say in the above article. In fact, I wrote a follow-up that shows some examples.

6. Checking Royal Caribbean Offers

This one’s another new one to the list this year. Royal Caribbean offers a portal where you can check your offers, your tier level and how many status points you’ve earned this tier year.

The article walks you through how to log into the Club Royale Offers site and make sure you know what’s available to you.

5. Always (Almost) Use That Card

Regular readers know the drill – the players card usage is an agreement between you and the casino – you give them some data about how you play, and they’ll reward you with casino offers to come back, as long as you’re gambling enough to make that work.

Superstitions about players cards and payback should be ignored; they’re costing you 20-40 percent of your expected losses in offers over time when you decline to use the card.

4. Picking the Right Denomination

This was on the top 10 last year, but has moved up a couple of spots. Given the interest in the definition earlier on the list, players are certainly curious.

As a rule, casinos tend to reward higher denomination players with a better overall payback; the thinking goes that you’re generally betting more over time. But that’s not always the case: With $10 bets on penny denomination becoming more commonplace, whereas you can get betting on dimes at levels like $2 or $2.50, things continue to evolve.

3. Dancing Drums Walkthrough

Dancing Drums has maintained its allure, enough so to see multiple sequels for a game that itself is an evolution of games like 88 Fortunes. So it’s not necessarily surprising to see this game sit in the top three once again, a testament to how many people are curious about the game.

The article goes through some of the nuances like the number of gold symbols betting, and how the game changes when you adjust that, so if you’re not familiar with how the two-tier structure works, it can be a great primer.

2. How to #landthegrand on Lightning Link and Dragon Link

This was last year’s number one, and it continues to be one of those things a lot of people are curious about. The occasional appearance of the random grand certainly catches peoples’ attention as well.

As newer games in the line-up come out, things have started to shift a bit; it’s likely I’ll revisit the topic when it comes to Dollar Storm, Buffalo Link and Lightning Dollar Link in future posts.

1. Find Your Favorite Slots

I can’t say I’m particularly surprised this one has achieved number one this year (last year it was the second position); it’s a topic I commonly get inquiries about. I can’t personally keep up with what 1,000 casinos and growing are up to with their games, so I can only share the places I know that slot finders exist.

This articles gets updated periodically when I learn of new ones or old ones are taken down, but this still is my go-to recommendation for those wondering where a game can be found.

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My name is Joshua, and I’m a slot enthusiast who works in tech as a marketer by day, and dabbles in casinos periodically during off-times. Know Your Slots will reflect my interests in understanding the various ways you can play slots, travel, casino promotions and how you can get the most out of your casino visits.

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