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Begas Vaby Website Launches; Know Your Slots Answers Slot Questions

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Written by Joshua

The YouTube slot channel Begas Vaby has been in business for a couple of years, featuring the experiences of a UK couple and their trips to Las Vegas.

One thing you may not know about them though is they have a background in journalism, and so they also have a strong affinity for the written form. (So do I, as it happens, although 1200 posts in many of you may have realized I like to write.)

So I’m happy to share they’ve been hard at work launching the new BegasVaby website, which features a variety of content about Las Vegas that is already quite robust for a new website, and will undoubtedly grow as they continue to build up the site’s content.

As part of their launch, I was invited to participate in an article answering some of the common questions they hear, which oftentimes tend to drift into things like myths, a popular topic on the site here. The questions we covered included:

As always, we covered a lot of ground. Be sure to check out the article and to also take a look around the new Begas Vaby website! We’ll be working together more as we move along.

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