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Bingo Blitz: Bingo and Slots, with a Side of Reward Credits

Bingo Blitz splash screen
Written by Joshua

Bingo Blitz is part of the Playtika family of apps, and as such links in to its various programs, but it offers a very different game experience by the nature of its offering a robust Bingo system. While the app has a family of slots as well, they’re not as exciting as what’s found in the various slot apps, and largely are supportive of generating more coins for Bingo.

As such, I’ll be focusing much of my review on the Bingo aspects of this game, which have plenty of pros and cons, and how this app (and Facebook game companion) fit in to their ecosystem.

Overview of the Game

Bingo Blitz cities pathway

The primary goal of Bingo Blitz is to play Bingo and get Bingos. Like many Playtika games there’s a lot secondary goals, and we’ll work through them one by one.

There are various ways you can play, but to start, it helps to know how the bingo rooms are laid out.

The game features a series of rooms organized into two major categories:

  • Cities: Cities are standard rooms, grouped in sets of 5.
  • Limited Time Rooms: Themed and limited time rooms regularly come and go in the game, with their own special missions and accomplishments.
Bingo Blitz Amsterdam collection items

With each city, you’re hoping to Bingo or collect treasures that give you one of 12 collection items. Completing a collection will get you a Bingo Point bonus. Every time you collect 4 items within the same collection you get a star towards the 15 in the 5-city groups, and when you hit certain star markers you’ll also earn bonuses.

Bingo Blitz board options

Playing Bingo itself is how you collect the items; in each city you can choose to play between one and four cards on four different levels. The more cards, and the higher the level, the faster the XP, the more bonuses and bigger bonuses you can earn, and the more collection items you have the opportunity to grab via a bingo.

Limited Time Rooms usually have three sets of 6 items in their collections and no star earnings. Each set of 6 has a Bingo coin bonus for completing the collection; complete all 3 and you can re-complete the final (Gold) level to get the bonus over and over.

Bingo Blitz playing the game

Each round of bingo has objects you can collect, such as gold spaces (which earn you gold coins), treasure chests (which can include a variety of prizes such as Bingo Points, gold coins, ingredient baskets, power-ups and collection items), and objects towards special events or quests.

As you can see above, two bingo cards can be seen at a time on mobile devices; in the case of my screenshot the green arrow indicates more bingo cards available (since you can play up to four at a time). On desktop you can see all four at once; I find the mobile version a bit harder to play more cards for that reason.

Bingo is traditionally achieved by completing a row across/down/diagonally or achieving four corners, but certain special limited time games could be achieved differently.

As you mark spaces, you can activate power-ups, which can mark additional spaces, add treasure chests or gold spaces to the board, mark off additional spaces, activate XP or prize multipliers, be shown which bingo spaces can be marked based on the called numbers, or even offer a wild space to complete a bingo line quickly.

Power-ups are banked through various earnings such as treasure chests, level ups or buying them through the store (most available with coins you collect playing slots, so you could theoretically avoid spending money to get power-ups).

Bingo Blitz end of round

At the end of the round the game tallies up all the stuff you’ve collected – XP, coins, Bingo Points, collection items, power-ups, etc.

Most special rooms have a secondary item you can collect to participate in other activities as part of the special rooms, such as bonus games or other such opportunities.

Bingo Blitz quests

In addition to those special opportunities connected to rooms, there’s a number of other short-term promotional opportunities that can earn you additional Bingo Points or other prizes, Quests will direct you to certain rooms or tasks to receive bonuses.

Bingo Blitz board game

Slightly longer in length will are global short-term events with completion bonuses that can include bonuses such as Bingo Points, ingredient baskets and power-ups.

Longer-term promotions are ones connected to special event rooms, which generally stick around for at least a month or two, and the prizes escalate accordingly.

Bingo Blitz recipes

And finally, there’s the recipe system with the ability to collect ingredients and complete dishes, which give you both Bingo Points and ingredient points. Completing sets of recipes not only unlock another level, but you can also get further Bingo Points and ingredient points as a bonus. You can make a recipe multiple times and receive the rewards each time.

Bingo Blitz tournaments

One last thing is a daily tournament system which allows you to play five free games of bingo and have a chance at collecting tournament items and other bonuses such as coins. You can also win prizes based on your daily tournament results.

Various Ways to Level Up

Bingo Blitz ingredient points

You can level up as a chef through the collection of ingredient points, which for the purpose of that specific game mechanic can unlock things such as bonus point earnings, ingredient bonuses on a schedule, and more.

There’s also regular leveling mechanism as previously covered via the XP earnings, as well as that star rating based on collecting items in the various cities.

Then there’s Playtika’s own Playtika Rewards system, which we’ve mentioned in previous Playtika game reviews and give you higher bonus sizes based on what level you’ve achieved. Your level is maintained across the entire suite of apps, so leveling up there gets you a bit higher perks across all the various games.

Then There’s the Slots

If that weren’t enough, there’s also a suite of slots, largely supportive to bet and potentially win more gold coins and/or Bingo Points. Like in the slots there’s a library of slot rooms you can enter, each with 12 achievements to collect. Collective achievements usually fall into one of a few patterns:

  • Five of a Kind: Some slots award a collection item if you get that symbol as five of a kind on the slot.
  • Bonus Rounds: Some have you pick symbols and when you match them, you win them. The prizes can be coins, Bingo Points or collection items.
  • Wheel Spins: Some slots have wheel spins where coins or collection items are the prizes. Bet high enough and you may be granted a free re-spin if you didn’t get what you wanted/needed and want to try again.
Bingo Blitz slot example

This isn’t the primary purpose to play Bingo Blitz, but because the coins can be helpful in buying power-ups for bingo, it’s not something to overlook. While slots can also award XP, the awards are small relative to playing Bingo but it can help you progress to larger levels (and level-up bonuses) as part of the overall push to earn achievements in the game.

Collecting Bingo Point Bonuses

Bingo Blitz daily reward

Like most Playtika games, it feels like a nearly endless way of collecting Bingo Points:

  • Daily Bonus: Once a day (technically every 23 hours) you can collect your daily reward.
  • Daily Wheel Spin: Right after that you’ll get a free wheel spin to collect power-ups, gold coins or Bingo Points.
  • Completing Bingos: You’ll receive Bingo Points every time you bingo. This prize can be doubled if that power-up is activated during the round.
  • Treasure Chests: Collecting treasure chests while playing bingo can include a variety of prizes, including Bingo Points. The higher your Bingo level when you initiate a game, the larger that prize can be.
  • Leveling Up: Bingo Points is one of the prizes you receive when leveling up.
  • Completing Bingo Collections: Bingo collection completions come with prizes that escalate as you get to more expensive rooms. Limited time rooms have three collections that have escalating prizes upon completion.
  • Making Recipes: Each recipe completed gives you both Bingo Points and ingredient points.
  • Completing Recipe Collections: Recipe collection completion comes with a sizable bonus that grows within the recipe set with each collection completed.
  • Special Events Completion: Usually completing phases of a special event will give you Bingo Points, and if you complete all the phases (or achieve a high enough rank in the competitive events) you will receive a sizable Bingo Point bonus.
  • Limited Time Room Events: Most limited time room events come with some sort of Bingo Points earning opportunity.
  • Facebook Gifts: Facebook provides three gifts a day, and sometimes the gift is Bingo Points.
  • Friend Gifts: Friends can gift you things such as power-ups, Bingo Points and slot spins.
  • App Alerts: App alerts will many times lead you to a Bingo Point prize and some extras.
  • Daily Tournaments: Tournaments are not a lucrative way to make Bingo Points most of the time, but you can pick up a few more and it’s a free entry.
  • The Menu: There’s even a place to earn a few more Bingo Points based on how many bingos your friends make.
Bingo Blitz daily wheel spin

Still with me? The game has tons of facets and while they become second nature after awhile, there’s a lot of things to track. But if you get good at knowing how and when you can earn Bingo Points, you can get some mileage out of them when you have them and not run out too quickly, allowing you to play for awhile.

Buying Items

Bingo Blitz store

The shop sells all the various things you can use within the game, from Bingo Points to coins to power-ups for the game and even instant activation of XP and bingo number hints (it will tell you which numbers should be marked) for a price.

They also run specials that may or may not be better than what’s in the store. It makes sense to compare, as many of the purchases have different throw-ins and bonuses, to decide what makes the most sense for you.

Earning Reward Credits

Following the same policy as other Playtika apps, Reward Credits are only earned when purchases are made, at about a 1 percent ratio. Higher level Playtika Rewards players will earn a bit more. You won’t rack up a huge balance this way, but it’s a perk of purchasing within this ecosystem.


It’s a fun game with a lot of facets to get to know and understand, but that keeps the game interesting, and the core bingo game itself can be quite fun.

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My name is Joshua, and I’m a slot enthusiast who works in tech as a marketer by day, and dabbles in casinos periodically during off-times. Know Your Slots will reflect my interests in understanding the various ways you can play slots, travel, casino promotions and how you can get the most out of your casino visits.


    • Hi Catherine – I’m sorry to say I’m not sure what you’re talking referencing, other than the Bingo Blitz app itself, which gives a daily credit award for logging in to the app.

  • I opened a FB account a few months back and when I started to play BB I noticed that the link in the lower right corner to Slots was not there (I have other FB accounts). I have opened numerous tickets with Playtika for help and all they keep telling me is that they are aware of the problem and don’t know when it will be resolved. Any suggestions??

    • Hi Rebecca – unfortunately when it comes to issues with Bingo Blitz I’m simply not sure. If they’re aware of it and aren’t sure of a solution, I’m not sure there’s much to advise until they issue some sort of a fix. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

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