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Caesars 2020 Casino Tier Match: A Major Change

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Written by Joshua

[UPDATE 2/13/20: The fine print has now been made accessible, confirming the change; details below.]

Last year I wrote about the 2019 Caesars casino tier match, and noted a change to their rules that made it more lenient than in the past. Last year, they allowed people to tier match as long as they hadn’t done it in 2018.

Unfortunately, while as I write this the 2020 tier match program is still being rolled out to the website, and the fine print is inaccessible as I write this, the eligibility line has been updated and it’s a major change:

Must be a new Caesars Rewards member to participate in this offer.

Caesars Rewards Diamond tier upgrade page

This is a massive restriction to the program eligibility, which previously generally allowed at least one tier match, regardless of whether you were a member or not. While other casinos frequently tier match new customers only as a promotion, this is the first time I can recall Caesars handling it this way. (Those of you with longer institutional memories than I can feel free to correct me if this was the case at some point.)

This only seems to impact the 2020 tier match program of matching other casino tiers, and not other programs such as the Wyndham Rewards tier match I wrote about recently. The Founders Card Diamond offer, meanwhile, has been renewed for 2020 was going to renew for 2020.

Given the Caesars/Eldorado merger is slowly approaching the finish line, and Eldorado has a history of watering down comps and other programs as a cost cutting measure after an acquisition, this may be the first step towards tightening things up ahead of the close of the merger. We’ll see how things evolve in the coming weeks and months.

UPDATE 2/13/20: The fine print confirms this change.

22. Existing Caesars Rewards members will not eligible for this offer.

Caesars Rewards casino tier match Terms and Conditions

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  • I was able to tier match again – I tier matched in 2019. I sent them my Wyyndham Diamond number and was successfully matched. We plan to visit Harrah’s Northern CA soon and my husband will present his Red Hawk platinum card – I will let you know if he is able to match again as well

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