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Cash Express Luxury Line Timber Wolf: Trains Take Center Stage of the Slot

Cash Express Luxury Line by Aristocrat top screen
Written by Joshua

The Cash Express feature was an add-on to popular Aristocrat titles like Buffalo and added a series of features for a small additional wager. The new Cash Express Luxury Line, by comparison, is an integral part of the game design, but they still leverage the popular themes of Aristocrat’s library.

For this review I spent some time on the Timber Wolf version, but there’s Buffalo and 50 Lions themes also available.

Cash Express Luxury Line by Aristocrat bet panel

The first thing I noticed, and was similar to Buffalo Chief, also a recent release, is the progressive bet steps that increase the cost as you increase the bet multiplier. At 5x you’re betting 100 credits x 5, vs. 75 credits on the x1 bet level.

The higher bets will certainly increase proportionally the chances of winning the various progressives, but it would be my expectation that it would proportionally increase the chances of getting various features, or getting bigger prizes on said features.

This is an all ways pays game, with 1024 ways to win given the game’s 5×4 reel set. This is nothing new for the games in question.

This plays like your normal Timber Wolf, with wild moons on reels 2 and 4, and are wild for the bonus symbol, the owl, as well.

One new addition is spaces on the reels with credit prizes of varying random amounts. Credit prizes can range from 25 to 5000 credits on the lowest bet multiplier.

There are also four train symbols. If awarded, a Cash Express feature is triggered, similar to the old school one where train cars go by, collecting credits until it completes. The color of the trains mean different things (all numbers based on the x1 bet multiplier):

  • Purple Train: 10 to 100 carriages with 5 to 500 credits, or the Mini
  • Blue Train: 10 to 100 carriages with 10 to 1000 credits. The Minor can be awarded at the end of the train.
  • Green Train: 10 to 50 carriages with 15 to 2000 credits. The Major can be awarded at the end of the train.
  • Red Train: 10 to 50 carriages with 25 to 2500 credits. The Grand can be awarded at the end of the train.

It’s worth noting that the Grand and Major can only be awarded once per bought game, just like Lightning Link.

Cash Express Luxury Line by Aristocrat collect all

Getting at least one of them with a star on reel 5 is effectively a collect all feature, so all credit prizes are won. If a train symbol is on one of the first four reels and a star lands, the Cash Express feature is awarded, and the credits earned there added to the others. If multiple of the same color train is shown, the train will run through and award the same amount for each time it appears.

Cash Express Luxury Line by Aristocrat gold train

If a gold train symbol on reel 5 appears, a repeat win version of the Cash Express Feature is awarded, where all the prizes (including any of the four other Cash Express trains above) are collected, and the total amount is then awarded 3-10 times, based on the number of gold Luxury Line carriages that pass through.

Cash Express Luxury Line by Aristocrat 8 gold train carriages

You can look at this as a collect all with a multiplier. Of course, the trains and animations are all fun diversions to slow down play and hype up the wins, which makes it quite fun.

Bonus Round

Getting three or more bonus symbols starting from the left reel, whether the Owl or the Moon which matches with the Owl too, and you’ll get a choice of free spins or the Luxury Line Bonus.

If you choose Luxury Line, at least one credit prize will appear in reels 1-4, and either the star (collect all) or train (repeat win) will appear, and work as they do in the base game. Notably, the Grand and Major jackpot are not available in this bonus.

If you choose games, you’re awarded free games based on the number of bonus symbols in the trigger:

  • 3 bonus symbols: 10 free games
  • 4 bonus symbols: 20 free games
  • 5 bonus symbols: 30 free games

Unusually for Timber Wolf, you can retrigger during the free games with just 2 symbols, yielding 5 more free spins. 3 or more in a retrigger award the same as the list above.

All the credit prizes, train symbols and stars are taken out of the free games reels, but the moons are given 3x and 5x on the 2nd and 4th reel wilds, respectively, and if both land with a winning spin, your win is multiplied by 15.

A non-winning spin with a moon on the board will generate a single respin, as it does on other Timber Wolf versions.

As such you can opt for a traditional Timber Wolf bonus, which is always fun, or you can try the Luxury Line feature for a quick(er) win, or at least quicker resolution.

Watch and Learn

Brian Christopher played all three versions when they were first introduced where he was:

TheBigPayback had good luck on this version:

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    • Hi Suzanne – I have a post on slot finders, which includes one for Aristocrat, who makes the game, so I’d check there. One thing to keep in mind with Empire City Casino is that they’re video lottery terminals, which look like slots but work differently. As a result of that, they tend to be much more limited on the games that show up there, and that is particularly the case for Aristocrat. I didn’t see it on my last visit and would not expect it to be there. The Connecticut casinos, however, had it at last check.

  • i have a doubt i play luxury line 50 lions
    i bet max $25 dollar each spin denomination of 5 and i hit the whole screen of lions playing the 50 lines and only pays 6,250
    is it correct?

    • I don’t have the pay table information in front of me, but checking a YouTube video of someone who was betting that level, it’s $125 per line for five of a kind lions, and there’s 50 lines, so that would indeed equal $6,250. You can double check the pay table on the machine to be sure but that adds up to me.

      • that is correct if you playing $ 5 dollar spin denomination of 1c?
        right but if i playing $ 25
        denomination 5c.
        the 6250 x5?

        • My answer was specifically after reviewing gameplay on $25 bet on nickel denomination. You get paid $125 a line at that bet and denomination, so the full screen at 50 lines is $6,250. It’s not times anything – the nickel denomination is already factored in.

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