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Cirque du Masquerade: Stacked Symbols for Big Wins

Cirque Du Masquerade by WMS line hit
Written by Joshua

I’ve recently been looking over some of my old slot play pictures and have been doing some write-ups on old games in anticipation of a set of write-ups on new games when I head out to Las Vegas shortly. One game that I was reminded about is an old WMS G+ Deluxe game, Cirque du Masquerade.

It’s a hard game to find nowadays; last time I was at Live! Casino in Maryland they still had it, but that was one of my rare sightings in recent years.

Cirque Du Masquerade by WMS poker symbol line hit

Each reel has a number of adjacent positions that are randomly replaced by symbols from the pay table. In practice you tend to see a set of stacked symbols that when things line up just right, yield some pretty good hits.

This feature is where a lot of the potential can come from the base game, especially when it’s wilds that come through. But even poker symbols can pay when enough of them materialize.

Free spins are triggered with three or more scattered bonus symbols, with more spins if you get more symbols:

  • 3 bonus symbols: 8 free spins
  • 4 bonus symbols: 20 free spins
  • 5 bonus symbols: 40 free spins

The stacked symbol feature remains in effect during the free spins, but since an alternate set of reels are used, my guess is the chances for wins are better to allow the bonus to potentially outperform. You also have the ability to retrigger with the same options above during the free spins.

It’s still not easy to line it all up, but when you do, the pays are quite good.

Cirque du Masquerade Slot Videos

RandomSlots features a bonus, as well as pay table information and some live play:

Shamus of Slots had a strong win on the game back in the day on a $1.20 bet:

Brian Christopher featured a progressive win and a big win on a $1.50 bet:

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