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Cosmo’s Bounceback Program: A Nice Bonus

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas bounceback offer
Written by Joshua

In the past I’ve written about some of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’s special programs, such as the Instant Riches game they’ve run periodically. One of the things I’ve yet to mention, that tends to surprise players new to the strip, is they have a Bounceback program.

These are commonly seen in locals markets, but are rarely seen in places like Las Vegas. But if you’re taking a trip there, it can be a great way to pick up some added freeplay if you’re going to spend time at the Cosmo. For new players, this offer goes hand in hand with putting in a good first showing, as I’ve talked about before as well.

What is a Bounceback Offer?

The idea of a bounceback offer is to bring people back to your casino. In locals markets it’s not uncommon to see a bounceback offer with a 30- or 60-day time limit. The hope is you’ll come visit again and spend more money.

The bounceback offer is usually some form of freeplay, especially for slot players, but could consist of other elements like any other comp offer. The offer, like any other, is based on your play.

Come Back Quickly, Get More

With Cosmopolitan, since Las Vegas is a destination market, and people may go less often but for a longer trip, a bounceback offer is used to get people to spend more time at the property while they’re in Vegas.

Both years I’ve been, I’ve received a bounceback offer after putting in some play. The offer, unlike locals offers, had a 48-hour time limit. They want to see you again, really soon, since they know your time is limited in Vegas and they want to make the most of it.

This, like other aspects of Cosmopolitan’s Identity program, tends to run on the generous side compared to other casino players card programs. It makes sense, given they’re a single property against two major companies with about 20 properties between them, and that’s just the strip – with downtown and off strip properties there’s a whole lot of competition.

For those who are getting added to their radar by signing up for Identity, be sure to keep in mind the bounceback offer in your plans. Go early, and watch your email so you don’t miss out on your bounceback offer.

What’s the biggest bounceback offer you’ve ever received? Share your experiences in the comments!

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