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Diminishing Tier Credit Earnings at Caesars Rewards

Caesars Rewards Diamond card
Written by Joshua

Caesars Rewards players have been frustrated about the variety of changes being made under the ownership of Eldorado, who bought Caesars a couple of years ago. But this latest change will probably frustrate even more.

During the previous Mlife program that’s now MGM Rewards, there was a notion of something called a specialty slot. Specific popular slots, those with big progressives, and so on earned tier credits at a rate much lower than their standard earnings rate. (Of course, now with their new program earnings overall have been watered heavily down, but that’s another story…)

By comparison, Caesars Rewards had a very specific and clear earnings rate – $5 for 1 tier credit on slots. For video Poker, $10 earned 1 tier credit on most machines, but occasionally a full pay or high limit machine would have a higher rate.

So this post on a social media forum caught my eye:

Caesars Rewards tier credit earnings reduction

That was new, and I hadn’t seen anything about that in the past. I went to Caesars’ website and looked at the information about earning and redeeming tier credits, and found this:

Earn 1 Tier Credit for every $5 you play on a reel slot machine. Some machines have lower earn rates and these games will be clearly marked with the different rate.

That language is new – I don’t recall seeing it there in past visits to the page. And clearly that opens the door to what’s happening there now.

So it looks like Caesars is now going to begin targeting more popular games and reduce the tier earnings value of those games. Caesars isn’t a particularly easy program to earn tier credits to begin with, so to further water things down is not good news for players.

Combined with other changes like eliminating the Diamond Tier Match loophole and shutting down or reducing the hours on Laurel Lounges, Caesars is definitely looking to pull back on perks by reducing the amount of them and reducing the number of players that qualify for what’s left.

Unfortunately they can get away with this given the record-breaking gambling and overall profits these companies are seeing. Cutting comps is easy when people keep showing up to your door, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens over time as players get fed up with the loss of various perks and benefits.

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