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First Impressions: A Look at Oklahoma Red Screens

VGT red screens in Oklahoma
Written by Courtney

Earlier this summer I took a business trip to the heart of the country for the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association Conference. While in Oklahoma, I couldn’t miss the chance to try my luck at the infamous, maybe even a little notorious, “Oklahoma Red Screens.” 

If you’re not familiar with what a “red screen” is, this is a slot feature unique to Oklahoma that can be triggered on any given spin. As soon as the screen goes red, the machine essentially locks up and initiates a set of free spins of sort. These red screens are found on VGT machines that are specifically created for Class II (Bingo Machines) gaming. Class II can only be found in tribal gaming facilities in certain states, including my stops in Oklahoma!

Once a red screen is triggered, these spins can yield some pretty big results. Like with any gambling, although a feature is always exciting,  you never really know what you’re going to get. 

Through what I was calling “scientific research” out on the floor, I learned that the red screen can usher in a single re-spin or multiple spins in rapid  succession. While playing more conservatively than normal, I was still able to hit four red screens during my gambling adventures. I find this an important thing to note because I wasn’t at a casino for hours on end. The games really did feel like red screens were an achievable goal. 

One of the best red screen hits of my trip occurred on the Lucky Ducky (VGT) slot machine at Kickapoo Casino Harrah. After running nearly $100 through the machine, I was down to my last few spins and holding my breath for a red screen miracle. Right on cue, that’s when the magical lighting took over and Lucky Ducky started spinning away. Although I didn’t get an exact count, I’d wager that I received around three red screen spins, each with varying wins. When all was said and done, I was left to enjoy the bell ringing to the tune of $300 dollars on a $5 total bet. 

Other red screen wins seemed to pay out just as well and it became very clear to me why avid slot players make the pilgrimage to Oklahoma to try them out for themselves.

Have you any luck with red screen wins? Let us know in the comments!

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