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Double Wild Cherry: Classic IGT Mechanical 3-Reel Slot

Double Wild Cherry by IGT logo
Written by Joshua

Another classic IGT game I’ve been giving some attention lately, aside from Double Diamond, is Double Wild Cherry. Double Wild Cherry is a variation on the Wild Cherry game, but features pay table tweaks.

It’s another game with a single pay line, but it does play with the space above/below the pay line, like other games in the Wild Cherry series, to add a bit of an interesting element. And like the classic Double Diamond, there’s no bonuses or features, just you win or you don’t on any given spin.

Double Wild Cherry by IGT pay table

Compared to the original Wild Cherry game, some of the higher-end pays are reduced, but the Wild Cherry symbol now acts as a doubler when on the pay line. However, it remains wild without the doubler just above or just below the pay line, which is one of the key attractors of the Wild Cherry series.

Furthermore, even one Wild Cherry on the pay line, or within one reel stop above/below, will guarantee you at least double your wager as a pay, even if there’s nothing else on the payline itself to generate a payout.

The top payout on this version is 2500x your bet (I saw this in a 2-credit $1 format), which is a higher ratio than Double Diamond and therefore harder to achieve, but of course the prize is more generous too.

But it’s another dead simple game with a nice little quirk in the Wild Cherry aspect of things that can keep the game a bit more exciting by breaking a bit out of the pay line!

Watch and Learn

Here’s a video from OldSchoolSlots that features a $10 denomination version of the game (that game starts at about 6:35):

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