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Double Diamond: A Pure, Simple Game by IGT

Double Diamond by IGT logo
Written by Joshua

There are certain games that are pretty amazing by their pure simplicity. One great example is the Double Diamond mechanical 3-reel slot, a workhorse for decades on many a casino floor.

The game in its original form has no free spins, no bonus rounds or features – it is simply line the symbols up and win.

Double Diamond by IGT pay table

The pay table is also refreshing in its simplicity. One, two or three credits, and a handful of symbols to worry about makes it an easy game to quickly understand. And with a top prize of 800x, with a bit more for the third credit wager, it is not an overly volatile game either.

Double Diamond by IGT 20x win

The Double Diamond symbol being a 2x multiplier, with the chance for 4x if two come out to play, keeps things interesting and exciting for those who enjoy a game with a good multiplier, while cherries can provide a lifeline and some additional spins relatively frequently.

I have thrown $20 into a quarter version of this game and gotten good mileage out of it. I have never lined up the top prize, but have certainly had solid hits that keep me in the hunt, which keeps it fun.

The game and its popularity have borne out in a steady stream of sequels and variations over the years, from Double Diamond Deluxe where symbols move to the payline from the center but otherwise has the same pay table, to variations like Triple Diamond and Triple Double Diamond Free Games.

And despite the game being decades old, many casinos have the original machines still operational on casino floors, a good machine with a good payback percentage, while still being affordable for lower limit players at the quarter denomination.

I have been seeking it out on casino floors as part of my mechanical reel experiment , and it has reminded me why I like the game so much – it certainly is not as flashy or exciting as many modern slots, but it gets the job done in a simple yet fun way.

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