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Far East Fortunes: Enduring Life of Luxury Slot with Multiple Free Game Bonuses

Far East Fortunes Life of Luxury by WMS logo and progressives
Written by Joshua

Last week, I shared my love of one of the old school Life of Luxury games. Today, I share another, which was also carried forward into a more modern iteration I’ve played a bit lately, and that is Far East Fortunes.

Like Alpine Adventure, it has a $2.40 max bet on penny denomination, a quaint scenario in today’s world of multi-denominations with massive bets. Despite only being a $2.40 max bet, this game has plenty of opportunity in the base game and free spins bonus.

Here, the draw is 2x wild multipliers which can bump up line pays quickly, especially considering you can get more than one within a line and multiply the line hit multiple times accordingly.

You have access to a standard free games bonus, which offers eight free games (with retrigger potential) and the key benefit that any 2x wilds found in the middle reel will stick around for the remainder of the bonus, bouncing around the reel each spin. These can really amp up the potential of the bonus if they land early.

Far East Fortunes Life of Luxury bonus result

The other bonus is the same as on Alpine Adventure, the Life of Luxury Bonus, which gives you the chance at five progressives during a ten spins free bonus. Your chances of winning them are proportional to your bet, with a $2.40 max bet guaranteeing the win if you land one. Regardless of a progressive, you also win a credit prize from a pick of gems on screen. You can land the same gem multiple times, and you get the reset value plus the credit prize picked.

Life of Luxury one spin, two bonuses

And, as I recently learned, if you’re really lucky you can manage to land both bonuses on the same spin, a rarity but a possibility.

The game has been sufficiently popular to see a series of sequels, with the wild multipliers getting a bit more interesting (bigger, mysteries, and so on) with the more recent permutations, which makes it a continually fun adventure.

Far East Fortunes Slot Videos

SlotsBoom shares a few standard free spins bonuses, including all three wilds being in play:

Far East Fortunes was the subject of a Las Vegas vs. Native American Casinos series between Shinobi Slots and VegasLowRoller. Here’s Shinobi:

And here is VegasLowRoller:

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