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One Spin, Two Bonuses: Life of Luxury Series of Slots

Life of Luxury one spin, two bonuses
Written by Joshua

As slot machines begin to integrate a broader array of features and bonuses, with multiple opportunities on a single game, it stands to reason that a unicorn of sorts if being able to trigger two bonuses on a single spin.

Hold and spin games are certainly ripe for this, as I’ve shared examples from Lightning Link, Ultimate Fire Link and Zeus/Neptune Power Link. In all of these examples you can get a hold and spin bonus and a free games bonus on the same spin, going through each in turn.

Games with multiple reel sets, like Wonder 4, can also offer multiple bonuses on a single spin, since you can bonus on each of multiple reel sets on a single spin, and then go through each bonus in turn.

But during a recent casino trip another game series, older but still around at many casinos, offers this opportunity as well, and that’s the Life of Luxury series. Each game in the Life of Luxury series of games has its own free games bonus, but there’s also the chance on reel 5 to get the Life of Luxury symbol for the Life of Luxury free games (which also comes with the chance to win multiple progressives).

In my case, I triggered the free games bonus at the same time I landed the Life of Luxury bonus symbol, and so the game went through each bonus one at a time. In Life of Luxury, the max bet is traditionally $2.40, and if you max bet you automatically win a progressive and a bonus credit prize from the pick screen. (If you’re betting less than max bet, the pick screen gives you the opportunity to win the progressive, at a level proportional to your bet.)

This particular session was unusual in that the Life of Luxury bonus came out three times in pretty quick succession – I didn’t win any progressives on two of the three bonuses, including the one pictured above with the double bonus, but my final try I got a couple of progressives and tripled up my $100 starting stake on the game in short order.

I’ve played these games enough to realize this is a pretty rare situation, as it is with the other examples I cited at the start of the article, but if the idea of two bonuses appeals to you, add this one to your list of games to seek out.

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