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Madonna Slot Machine: Tough, Volatile Game

Madonna by Gimmie Games top box
Written by Joshua

Game: Madonna
Manufacturer: Gimmie Games/Aristocrat
Advantage play potential: Medium-Low
What Makes it Special: Multipliers collect above each reel, boosting the Mighty Cash values. Hit the Mighty Cash bonus and the multipliers will be in effect for all values landed in the reels that have them. Each bet level has its own multipliers.

During my Las Vegas trip in December I got to spend a bit of time with Madonna, an entry in the line of Mighty Cash series. I haven’t been the biggest fan of the proliferating Mighty Cash series, because the games tend to be tough and you can easily find yourself in a whole that’s very difficult to overcome, but like with the Links and so on, the game formula is very popular with casino visitors.

I had planned on spending more time with the Madonna slot machine before doing this write-up, but the ongoing casino closures have made this impossible. I also had not had an opportunity to complete my photo shooting for this write-up. So let me thank up front Danielle, also known as Slot Queen, who gave me permission to screen shot a couple of her recent videos for today’s write-up.

This write-up will get updated, and photos added, when I’m able to get back in front of the game.

Understanding the Game

Madonna Mighty Cash is a 5×3 reel set with an all ways pays formulation of 243 ways to win. The bet levels vary by denomination, but at the 1 cent and 2 cent denominations it’s 75 credit increments, and the game has higher denominations like nickel and dime with adjusted bet levels.

The game has a series of jackpots, five in all. Three are flat jackpots based on your denomination: The Mini, Minor and Maxi. There are two progressive jackpots, which are the same at all bet levels: The Major and Grand. The Major is available at all bet levels but the Grand is not (the Grand requires a $3 minimum bet).

Madonna by Gimmie Games multiplier boost

Multipliers can be collected at the top of each reel, through star symbols labeled Boost. Each time a Boost symbol lands on a reel, the multiplier above that reel increases by 1x. The maximum a reel multiplier can reach is 8x. The multipliers only apply for the Mighty Cash bonus.

Mighty Cash Bonus

Collect the requisite number of Mighty Cash symbols (six at any bet level in this case) to get the Mighty Cash bonus. The star symbols will have credit prizes and what you see is what you get (the numbers are already multiplied, factoring in the multiplier at the top of the reel).

The number of spins you get is based on the number of Mighty Cash symbols landed when you trigger the bonus (6-11 spins is the range, based on 6-11 symbols landing – you get one spin per symbol landed at the bonus trigger stage).

As usual, higher bets not only allow for higher credit prizes on the stars, but a better chance of winning the Major, Maxi, Minor and Mini bonuses too. Credit prizes can range from 45-3750 credits, multiplied by the bet multiplier. Credit prizes can also be randomly multiplied by 2-5x on a spin, on top of the bet and reel mutlipliers.

Madonna by Gimmie Games more Mighty Cash spins

If multiple progressive jackpots are won, the meter is reset upon the first awarding, and so the reset amount is paid on any additional ones won. Jackpots can land throughout the Mighty Cash spins, unlike some versions where you can only land them at the initial trigger. If you run out of spins, you could be given a pick option to reveal between 1 and 4 additional spins.

Madonna by Gimmie Games Vogue wheel spin

If, however, at any time you fill the grid, you will get a Vogue Wheel Spin that will offer a multiplier (2x or 3x) for the Mighty Cash prizes, including jackpots landed during the Mighty Cash spins, and potentially a jackpot as well (which is not multiplied).

At the completion of the Mighty Cash bonus, the game can boost one or more reels and assign a random multiplier of 2-5x to seed the next round. Only one reel can get the 5x, but the smaller multipliers can be placed on more than one reel.

Like a Virgin Bonus

Madonna by Gimmie Games Like a Virgin bonus trigger

Three Like a Virgin symbols triggers the Like a Virgin bonus. It will go around a game board (it calls it a wheel) until it stops on either:

  • A credit prize
  • A progressive
  • or Free Games
Madonna by Gimmie Games Like a Virgin wheel spin

A few spaces have a +RESPIN label, which will give you another spin if landed. If you land four Like a Virgin symbols, the prize values (including free spin count) are doubled; if you manage five of them, the prizes are quadrupled and free spin counts tripled vs. a 3 symbol trigger.

The free games are standard free games, but you can retrigger the spins (with more spins for more symbols, just like on the trigger) or get the Mighty Cash bonus within the free spins.

Boosts that increase the Mighty Cash multipliers can appear in the bonus. Multipliers accumulated in the base game carry into the free spins, and carry out of the free spins into the base game.

Understanding the Advantage

Madonna by Gimmie Games Mighty Cash maxed out multipliers

The accumulator aspect of the multipliers over the reels is the thing here – if you find a game where the multipliers have been built up, you will have a much bigger chance for a strong Mighty Cash outcome when it does trigger. The fact these multipliers are linked to bet level, so there’s multiple denominations and bet levels per denomination means there could be multiple sets of left behind multipliers to take advantage of on this game.

However, this is offset by the fact this bonus can just be impossible to get at times. The first Slot Queen video will show you one example; I was with another slot channel that spent easily a half hour or more, accumulating maxed out multipliers on multiple reels, before finally getting the Mighty Cash feature.

You’ll need a lot of bankroll and patience, and even then you might find it’s not enough to cover the losses it took to get there. It’s not the sure thing some other scenarios are, so factor that into your calculations accordingly.

Watch and Learn

Since Slot Queen was so kind to let me screenshot her videos, let’s take a look at a couple of her encounters with the game.

Let’s start with her pursuing multipliers on the machine, which shows how difficult it can be to get the Mighty Cash bonus (which starts at 1:15):

Here’s another video where she had a strong win (Madonna starts at 8:15 on this video):

Regular readers of the site know I’m a fan of the approach RandomSlots takes to present information, so here’s a video with some game play, a bonus, and pay table information:

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