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Mastering Casino Math: 4 Quick Calculations to Convert Credits to Dollars

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Written by Courtney

Before we get started, something needs to be made very clear. This article is for players that need some extra help figuring out casino math. Specifically, this is the math when it comes to converting the amount of credits that have been wagered, or won, into actual cold, hard, cash. 

What is Casino Math?

Not sure what the term “casino math” refers to? Casino math is a phrase, often used by Heidi of The Slot Cats, to describe the calculations and tabulations of slot machines. If you’re not able to switch between denominations and know what you’re wagering or winning without consulting a calculator or partner, read on below for some quick casino math tips!

And What Are Credits Anyway?

Credits takes the amount that is currently loaded into a machine and converts it into how many betting units you have based on the denomination. For instance, if you put a $100 bill into a quarters machine, it will display 400 credits. We’ll explore that math in detail down below. You can learn even more about credits here. there really is a lot to unpack!

4 Casino Math Calculations

Now, without further ado, here is the method of calculating the number of credits won into cash on four common denominations:

1. Dimes (10 Cents)

Multiply by 10 (or move the decimal one to the left)

If you are new to the casino math game, dimes are a great one to get you started! When switching over to dimes, it is super easy to understand line wins and total payouts once you grasp the concept of the decimal point.

Sliding the decimal point one spot to the left will translate your wins into dollars. For example, if the game is showing a win of 360 credits, slide that decimal over one and your payout is 36 dollars.

2. Quarters (25 Cents)

Divide by 4

This is another casino math fan favorite simply because of the very basic division that is required. Everyone (hopefully) knows that there are four quarters in a dollar; for this trick that is really all you need to know!

Any wins displayed can be divided by four to understand just how much you are getting back. Screen showing 200 credits? That’s worth 50 dollars. 

3. 50 Cents

Divide by 2

With 100 cents in a dollar, it’s pretty simple to calculate. For this trick you just need to divide by two. If your win is showing as 500 credits, that will equal 250 dollars.

The thing with half dollars is to remember to temper your excitement when a big win scrolls across the screen. This is because you’ll be diving that number out to get the dollars equivalent. 

4. Nickels (5 Cents)

Multiply by 5

Out of all the casino math tips, this is the one that, in my opinion, requires the most brain power. For nickels, you’ll want to take your win and multiple it by five.

Although it seems simple in theory, multiplying 750 credits by five can be rather challenging when you just want to know what you won! (Did you get $37.50? If so, you’re mastering casino math!)

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Courtney is all about everything and anything gaming. From playing blackjack a little too aggressively to swinging for the fences on high denomination slots, she wants a piece of the action! Courtney’s casino passion extends into her professional life, having spent time in the marketing department at The Golden Nugget Las Vegas and now serving as the Digital Marketing Manager for The Queen Casino & Entertainment.


  • Some slot machines allow you convert the credits into the actual cash amount by touching the credits (within the credit box or window on the screen).

    For example, IGT video poker machines have this feature of showing money in the game as either credits or cash.

    • Correct! Where this usually comes into play is during a bonus where the credits are counting up in a box somewhere but aren’t showing the dollar equivalent. So if you’re trying to gauge how you’re doing in real time, you have to wait to the end or do the mental math. So this can still prove handy 🙂

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