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MGM Rewards Announces Holiday Gift Shoppe Point Multiplier for Las Vegas

MGM Rewards sign at New York New York Las Vegas
Written by Joshua

It was just a few days ago I shared the word that MGM Rewards revived its tier credit multiplier to run through most of the summer. As it turns out, they weren’t quite done.

Also announced is a point multiplier for the Holiday Gift Shoppe, an annual event that lets players redeem points earned at MGM Resorts locations throughout the US at the end of the year. The points can be redeemed for various merchandise options or free play, or for entries into a slot tournament with bigger prizes available.

The point multiplier will run from June 20 through July 31; on weekends (Friday to Sunday) points will be multiplied by 2, whereas on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) points will be multiplied by 3.

Players earn 100 Holiday Gift Shoppe points for every $1 in slot dollars earned, so the multiplier would increase that to 200 or 300, depending on what part of the week you’re in.

The multiplier, like the tier credit one, is only available to players in Las Vegas during that time – regional property play does not qualify.

To give you an idea of how many points you have to earn to derive value, $50 in free play can be redeemed for 15,000 points (which means you’d have to earn $150 slot dollars to earn an additional $50 free play, plus show up in person at the event to be able to redeem it).

The Holiday Gift Shoppe isn’t for everyone; you have to play enough to generate enough points to make a trip worth it, but for certain players, this can be a good excuse for a trip to Las Vegas if enough points are on the line and it’s worth getting out there to redeem them. And if you’re going to Las Vegas to take advantage of the tier credit multiplier, this is just gravy really.

One thing that can be said about MGM Rewards and their multiplier promotions is they’re offering pretty broad ranges to enjoy them. Many Caesars Rewards multipliers last somewhere between a day and a weekend, certainly not as convenient.

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