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MGM Rewards Launches Quick QR Code Contest

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Written by Joshua

MGM Rewards is pulling out a lot of stops to kick off this summer promotions wise. I’ve previously shared details around:

The first two are Las Vegas-centric as they’re only available there, and this latest promotion has a Las Vegas-heavy slant as well.

With this latest promotion, which launched last week and runs through July 11, your goal is to locate QR codes, which net you entries. A few were added into the video at the MGM Rewards homepage, but most are found on the strip at their Las Vegas properties.

They’ve provided clues so that you know where to look for them at the various properties, and some seem easier to me than others. But if you can’t make it to Las Vegas, never fear – you get two entries per QR code in the video, and the sweepstakes is capped at six entries per person, so you need not be present in Las Vegas to max out your entries.

Why would you bother with the promotion? The 100 prizes include:

  • 60 MGM Rewards Points prizes, ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 ($100 to $300 in value).
  • Platinum and Noir tier upgrades, each coming with additional hotel vouchers and dining credits thrown in. The Noir upgrades also include a free cruise valued at up to $3,000.
  • 11 experiential packages, including trips to the MLB All Star Game, the World Series, The Big Game (since they can’t use the term Super Bowl, apparently), Sports experience package at Allegiant Stadium, NHL Winter Classic and one grand prize experience featuring singer Usher. Some of these prizes include additional bonuses, including cash.

This is a pretty generous promotion given the window of time and the value of prizes. The base level prize has a $100 value, and they’re doing 100 winners, so it’s worth spending a few minutes to scan their commercial and complete the entries.

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