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Wheel of Fortune Lucky Spin: Same Symbols, Tweaked Game with Another Bonus

Wheel of Fortune Lucky Spin by IGT wheel
Written by Joshua

It took me awhile to realize that Wheel of Fortune Classic had a nearly twin sister in Wheel of Fortune Lucky Spin. Nearly all the pay symbols are the same; the main change is in what the symbols pay and the bonuses have been swapped out.

The Wheel of Fortune symbol remains wild for this version, and doubles the line pays, so that can still be lucrative.

Wheel of Fortune Lucky Spin by IGT spin selection

This time, getting three or more spin symbols on a line lets you pick a symbol to get anywhere from 2 to 6 wheel spins.

Wheel of Fortune Lucky Spin by IGT spin options

Generally, more spin symbols can increase the chances of those higher spin counts, but I’ve had 5s on the three spins so it’s not impossible.

Wheel of Fortune Lucky Spin by IGT three spin outcome

Because you’re more likely to get more wheel spins on this version, the wedges are downgraded somewhat (top prize being 500x), but you can still win decently.

Wheel of Fortune Lucky Spin by IGT Fortune Spin bonus triggered

The other bonus is a different sort of wheel bonus, which replaces the Envelope bonus in the Classic version. This one is called Fortune Spin, and this time you’re spinning for letters.

Wheel of Fortune Lucky Spin by IGT Fortune Spin bonus started

Each wheel spin, you aim to land a unique letter, which pays out each time it appears. However, that wedge changes to collect. Landing for a second time on a wedge will collect the prize and end the bonus.

There’s definitely the potential for a decent bonus here if you land enough letters.

Overall, this is a fun variation on the same overall game, with some fresh features to keep it interesting. For some reason I didn’t notice the two versions, even though at different times I had ultimately played each at some point, but seeing them in the same bank finally brought it home.

Wheel of Fortune Lucky Spin Slot Videos

RandomSlots has the basic details and a bonus, as usual:

Here’s a set of wheel spins on the game:

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