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Minimum Bet Slot Options with American Casino Guide

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Written by Joshua

It’s been great fun working with the American Casino Guide team on videos for their YouTube channel, and the latest one continues on our conversations around value bets. This time, though, we address what many asked us to do which is to talk about games that are under $1 a spin.

This video is based off my recent post of games that can provide a lot of fun at under $1 a spin. The list isn’t meant to be exhaustive; indeed I thought of a number of other potential opportunities to be added, but I wanted to keep the list short while also covering a cross section of game types, such as mechanical reels vs. video titles, as well as a few different game manufacturers.

The games we talked about were mostly minimum bet options to maximize the value for players, but because the bets are so low on virtually all of these choices (50 cents or less), players who are comfortable betting closer to $1 could even do a 2x or 3x line bet and still stick under that per spin budget.

The general trend over time for slots has been for bets to grow and for volatility to be higher, which makes sense – costs rise over time, inflation is a thing, and so on – but for many players sticking to lower bets gives them a fighting chance in the casino. So knowing which games you can still find and enjoy, and get decent play time on, can ensure if you’re one of those players, you can still have a fun afternoon or night out at the casino!

I’m happy to report we’ve got more videos coming up, covering other sorts of topics, but if you have something you think we should dive deeper into as a topic, I’d love to hear from you!

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