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Wolf Run: A Slot Machine Classic, Still On Casino Floors

Wolf Run by IGT 35x line hit
Written by Joshua

Certain games stand the test of time on a casino floor, and Wolf Run is a great example of one of them. The fact that many casinos still have the original version, and newer casinos put the game out in an updated form (along with sequels like Wolf Run Gold), underscores a game’s popularity.

One of the key reasons is the stacked wild symbols, which come out frequently enough to deliver line hits that can be consequential. The example in my picture at the top of the page is a 35x line hit, without that many lines involved to begin with.

The stacked wilds, paired with a pretty generous pay table overall, can make for some really good hits when the right circumstances arise. Of course, when they don’t come out, the game can be pretty tough, but that’s what makes it fun.

The game is a 40 credit, 40 line structure on a 5×4 reel set, enough coverage combined with those stacked wilds to have some shots at good hits when they come around.

Wolf Run by IGT bonus triggered

Three bonus symbols in the middle three reels yield a 5 free spin bonus. The stacked wild symbols remain, and you can retrigger up to 50 times (for a total of 255 free spins). So that same potential exists in the bonus round to get some really good line hits, but only if those wilds come out in abundance.

This is definitely an example of a game that’s withstood the test of time, despite newer, more volatile games coming into vogue. It’s got that right balance of potential and pays to get players excited, and can deliver often enough to make it worth a go when you’re at the casino.

Wolf Run Slot Videos

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