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Mlife Tier Match Extended Through March 31, 2021

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Written by Joshua

In a recent article, I mentioned that Mlife Rewards was extending expiration of Express Comps and Points through at least March 31, 2021. Something I had missed, but noted on a forum recently, is that Mlife has also extended its national tier matching program through March 31, 2021 as well.

I previously went over the rundown of the tier match offering, but as a summary:

  • They are matching casinos across the country in markets in which they have competition
  • You can match to either the Gold or Platinum level, depending on the tier you have at the casino they match
  • You can match at nearly any MGM property nationwide, with any accepted card from the list found on their website.
  • Both new and existing Mlife Rewards players are eligible
  • If you tier up at a property and qualify for a higher tier match, you can redo the tier match.

What’s less clear, because the terms and conditions still state the December 31, 2020 expiration date, is what happens with the end date of the tier match. For 2020 matches, you were able to retain your tier through January 31, 2022; it remains to be seen if that is the date for any 1st quarter tier matching, or if you get the additional year as well, which would put expiration into 2023.

The biggest benefit of tier matching is the speedier earning of tier credits, express comps and points, the latter two being the two comp dollar buckets Mlife players enjoy. Express Comps can be used for experiences and food/beverage (shops are largely restricted, with some exceptions), and Points can be used as either free play or comp dollars. Learn more about the overall Mlife Rewards program here.

For players who weren’t able to get out to an Mlife casino in Q4, but will be going in Q1, here’s a second chance to take advantage of the tier matching. These programs can come and go over time, so if you qualify and plan on playing at Mlife casinos, it’s a good opportunity to get it done.

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