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More More Chilli: Sequel with Even More Potential

More More Chilli by Aristocrat top box
Written by Joshua

In a previous post I spoke about the potential of More Chilli (and its clone More Hearts), a game that features strong line hits and a stronger bonus round.

A couple of years back, Aristocrat introduced More More Chilli (and More More Hearts), which has some of the trappings of a sequel, but can be forgiven by some of the ways it ups the ante.

One way it changes is it encourages higher bets by increasing the chihuahua pays a bit when you bet higher wagers. It’s not a huge difference, but like any other pay differentials it does add up. The pay table for the chihuahua is as follows:

# of ChihuahuasBelow 320 credits320-400 credits800 credits

Another way it increases higher bets is doubling the credit increments; 80 credits is now the minimum bet, and it maxes out at 800 credits.

More More Chilli by Aristocrat two money bags two chillis

Like the previous game, the chillis and money bags are the key to the main features.

Collecting seven or more chili symbols triggers the wheel feature. This gets you credits displayed on every chili, which can range from 2-100 credits (times the bet multiplier selected) and then a wheel spin to trigger a multiplier or the More More Chilli feature. The multipliers on the wheel range from 2x-100x the credit prize total.

Three or more money bags (and occasionally a random lucky feature occurrence) will trigger the More More Chilli Feature, which like its predecessor yields 15 free spins where you collect chillis to unlock more reels. You start with two reel sets, and the progression is as follows:

  • Collect 9+ Chillis: 3 sets of reels, with reel 5 wild
  • Collect 14+ Chillis: 4 sets of reels, with reel 5 wild
  • Collect 18+ Chillis: 8 sets of reels, with reels 4 and 5 wild
  • Collect 39+ Chillis: 24 sets of reels, with reels 4 and 5 wild
  • Collect 99+ Chillis: 24 sets of reels, with reels 3-5 wild

In addition, if you get three money bags in a reel set during the bonus, it adds one additional game, something that did not happen in the previous version.

More More Chilli by Aristocrat bonus win

Once you get to eight reel sets, thanks to two wild reels, you get a lot more five of a kinds and the pays amp up fast. (This is where the chihuahua pays being higher can make a huge difference.)

The bonuses, like the previous, can also bet a let down, but the potential is there and it’s not so tough that you can’t get a decent win before too long. I actually find the bonuses tend to come reasonably often for such a volatile game.

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