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Quick Hit Blitz: 2 Ways to Progressives at Max Bet

Quick Hit Blitz by Scientific Games
Written by Joshua

The Quick Hit line is one of those that’s always rewarding at max bet. Dozens of games have come out in the series over the years, but most have one thing in common: The way to win a jackpot is to land 5 or more Quick Hit symbols, usually only in the base game.

The Quick Hit Blitz series (of which there are four color-coded versions: Red, Blue, Purple and Gold) differs in a couple of ways. First off, while jackpots exist for 5 or more Quick Hit symbols, you can get more than 9 Quick Hit symbols. In this version, there are eight jackpots, from 5 up to 12+ Quick Hit symbols. The second difference is you can trigger jackpots in the bonus round – in fact, that’s the key differentiator, that the bonus round ties into the jackpots, hence the Quick Hit Blitz moniker.

Let’s look at the core features of this game and where the potential lies.

The Base Game

The game is a 5×3 reel set, like most Quick Hit games, but features 50 lines and a 50 credit bet increment. I’ve seen both $2.50 and $5.00 max bet versions at the penny denomination, so like other Quick Hit versions out there there are various bet permutations out there.

Like many of the newer Quick Hit versions, the payouts for the various Quick Hit permutations have been watered down from the earlier iterations:

  • 3 Quick Hit symbols: 1x your bet (same as before)
  • 4 Quick Hit symbols: 2x your bet (vs. 5x on older variations)
  • 5 Quick Hit symbols: 5x your bet or jackpot that starts at 5x (vs. 10x)
  • 6 Quick Hit symbols: 10x your bet or jackpot that starts at 10x (vs. 50x)

This game having extra jackpots an make it understandable that the tiers are lower, but this isn’t new to this version. I suspect it’s because they want to make the 5 Quick hit payout pretty equivalent to earlier versions of around $15-20. On a $2.50 machine this payout would start at $12.50, and on a $5.00 machine that’d be $25. But it still means it’s not as special as it was before.

They make up for it by adding 3 additional progressives at the top for 10, 11 and 12 Quick Hit symbols.

The game follows in the traditional theme of other Quick Hit games in terms of symbols and pay style, such as offering mixed 7s and bars pays which can help keep the volatility down.

Quick Hit Blitz Bonus

Quick Hit Blitz by Scientific Games free games triggered

Getting the free spin symbol in reels 2, 3 and 4 will trigger the free spin bonus. Free spins take place in 3 spin cycles. Each cycle, you have a goal to collect a certain number of Quick Hit Blitz symbols. It starts with a 5×3 reel set and 3 spins to collect 5 Quick Hit Blitz symbols. Achieve it, and you move on. Here’s the full progression:

  • Level 1: 5 symbols to upgrade to 5 Quick Hit jackpot or 5x bet, 5×3 reel set
  • Level 2: 10 symbols to upgrade to 6 Quick Hit jackpot or 10x bet, 5×4 reel set
  • Level 3: 15 symbols to upgrade to 7 Quick Hit jackpot or 25x bet, 5×5 reel set
  • Level 4: 20 symbols to upgrade to 8 Quick Hit jackpot or 50x bet, 5×6 reel set
  • Level 5: 30 symbols to upgrade to 9 Quick Hit jackpot or 100x bet, 5×7 reel set
  • Level 6: 40 symbols to upgrade to 10 Quick Hit jackpot or 250x bet, 5×8 reel set
  • Level 7: 55 symbols to upgrade to 11 Quick Hit jackpot or 750x bet, 5×9 reel set
  • Level 8: 70 symbols to upgrade to 12 Quick Hit jackpot or 2000x bet, 5×10 reel set
  • Level 9: 12+ Quick Hit jackpot (top jackpot) or 2000x bet awarded
Quick Hit Blitz by Scientific Games jackpot upgrade

Whether you get the Quick Hit jackpot or the x bet prize is determined on whether you are max betting or not. The bet multiple works out to what the starting jackpot value on each level is before the progressive meter is taken into account. In the event Level 1 is not completed successfully, 4x the wager is paid out, regardless of max bet or not.

As the reels grow, more lines are evaluated, with 10 lines added per reel row added (which happens each time a level increments) until you get to 120 lines for 5×10 at level 8.

One other thing is aside from the jackpot aspect, you can accrue line hits as well, and they are added to the jackpots to determine the total award at the end of the Quick Hit Blitz bonus.

Watch and Learn

Here is RandomSlots‘ video featuring the game and its pay tables:

Here is The Slot Cats with a strong Quick Hit Blitz bonus:

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