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Quick Hit Double Jackpot: Single Line, Two Credit, Three Reels, for the Win

Quick Hit Double Jackpot by Bally pay table
Written by Joshua

An unusual entry in the Quick Hit series is among the more enduring that are out there. Quick Hit Double Jackpot basically takes the Double Jackpot pay table and adds on for a second credit Quick Hit symbols with the chance to win a progressive Quick Hit jackpot.

Quick Hit Double Jackpot by Bally bet panel

The bet panel is therefore quite simple, as there’s only the option for one credit or two credit wagers. So that’s all that is present on the panel accordingly.

Quick Hit Double Jackpot by Bally single Quick Hit

Along the way, the pay table (when at max bet) lets you get your money back not only on three mixed symbols, thanks to the standard Double Jackpot pay table, but also for a single Quick Hit either on or within one reel stop of the active line. This tends to mean a lot of money back spins.

But two Quick Hit symbols can get you 25 credits, and all three 1,000 credits. However, if all three are on the payline, you can win a flat jackpot or progressive, depending on the machine setup. On my recent cruise on Freedom of the Seas, that worked out to be a flat 10,000 credit jackpot.

The machine because of its format is generally a higher denomination game, usually dollars. On Freedom, it was a mult-denomination game that could be set to quarters, 50 cent, $1 or $2 denomination. So there was a range of options for a range of budgets (given a very reasonable 50 cent bet for the two quarter bet).

The addition of Quick Hit to the Double Jackpot format is a good pairing, with some extra chances to win, although a single line game can be potentially volatile given everything has to line up perfectly, and the minimum payback is money back. But those money back opportunities seem to come pretty regularly, and somewhat larger 10x payouts for various combinations seem to pop up pretty frequently as well.

For those looking for higher denomination games on a budget, this one’s definitely one that can fit the bill, especially at the right denomination.

Watch and Learn

Here’s Slot Hopper with a three Quick Hit win (segment starting at 9:31):

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