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Quick Slot Machine Questions, Quick Answers

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Written by Joshua

As you can imagine, I get a lot of questions submitted to the site via the comments box and via email. But many are quick questions with quick answers. For today’s post, I’ll go through a few of those and my answers.

Is there any difference in the RNG of an older Video Poker Machine as opposed to a new one made say in the last 5-7 years. Seems I tend to have better luck on older multiplay machines.

A recent interview with an executive at Action Gaming and the Jackpot Gents indicates that the way cards are handled and dealt by those machines hasn’t changed since the 90s. It’s at the tail end of this video:

I much prefer pre-determined picks, because otherwise, it’s my fault if I don’t pick the correct one for a big win! Is there any way to tell from the paytables/info on a machine if it’s true pick or pre-determined?

Occasionally the game will tell you that your pick has no influence on the outcome, particularly on games like Dancing Drums. Your surefire sign it’s predetermined is that it does not show you the other picks at the end of the pick bonus – that’s their way of confirming that the pick was predetermined.

I have a question. It seems to me that when I insert my Players Card, the machines do not pay as well as if I do not insert my players card. It is as if there is an algorithm that identifies a player with a players card, and determines that this is a player with a card, and he or she is already hooked, so don’t pay him or her well. Whereas if the algorithm notes that there is no player card in, we, the machine will grant wins to hook the player into coming back. Is there anything to my observation?

Hey John – it’s a common misconception that the players card can have any impact on slots – rest assured that the use of one or lack of using one has no impact on the payouts. 

There is an option on some of the Konami games after triggering a free games bonus to instead select and receive a credit prize. Can you comment on the impact this has on the volatility of the game?

When it comes to the credit prize, they’re awarded in a range that correlates with the number of spins being offered. That’s a pretty volatile option as it’s just a single shot in a wide range of credit prizes, versus however many hundreds of spins you have to attempt to achieve a good payout. It certainly speeds the game up though!

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