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Slot Volatility: Multipliers

Buffalo Gold by Aristocrat 9x multiplier $27 a line x8
Written by Joshua

When it comes to slot volatility, one of the most significant mechanics that can make a slot more volatile is the ability to multiply your wins. While all ways pays games can introduce it through stacked symbols, multipliers can add a further volatility element to a slot machine.

Multipliers can amp up a games pays if they appear in a winning combination. On old three-reel machines you had classics like Double Diamond and Triple Diamond, which offered a 2x or 3x opportunity. But nowadays the multipliers are most often used to further wind up big line hits on games that are already pretty volatile.

Buffalo Gold by Aristocrat 9x multiplier $27 a line x8

Examples abound. The Buffalo series is a great example of it, with Buffalo Gold turning it up a bit with the chance to get multipliers in a line hit during the base game. The newer Buffalo Diamond adds a multiplier for the entire bonus, on top of the multipliers that can be picked up off the wilds.

Mega Vault 2x 3x 4x

Mega Vault lets you collect multipliers during the free games, with the chance for multiple multipliers in reels 2, 3 and 4. But even in the base game you can get one of each and, when lined up with a high paying symbol, can pay very well. It ultimately is known as one of the most volatile games out there.

Many Konami games play with multipliers in various ways; Nouveau Beauties and its sister games will bring out multipliers on certain base game spins and multiply the top symbols, for example.

What a lot of the most volatile machines have in common is they combine other volatility plays together, such as multipliers, all ways pays and stacked symbols.

This serves to make a game have the possibility of astronomical pays… but without the multipliers and symbols lining up a game can also have a ton of dead spins. We’ve all probably had the experience of a stacked reel of something getting in the way and blocking any chance for a line hit.

As such, multipliers become another indicator of a potentially volatile slot. If you want volatility in your life, seek them out! And if you don’t, there’s plenty of games that don’t include them as well. Something for everyone!

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