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Stacking Casino Comp Offers, Birthday Month Edition

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Written by Joshua

Casino offers come in constantly once you’re a player with an established history. Each casino sets up promotions differently, but one thing that can happen is you have the potential of stacking casino offers. Generally, this means combining both casino-level promotions and player-level offers to get access to a bigger pool of offers for a visit.

However, with July being my birthday month, one thing I didn’t factor into my previous article on the topic is the potential for birthday month offers. Many casinos will offer things for your birthday. While the strip casinos are a bit stingier with birthday offers (as they tend to be), regional casinos and locals casinos can be more generous.

Players who see the opportunities can simply improve their overall benefit when visiting a casino relative to another opportunity, and maximize their ability to cash in on the casino’s offers.

With that in mind, I’m going to share three stacked offer examples I will be taking advantage of this month, and my favorite stacked offer ever.

Stacked Scenario #1: Overlapping Offers

This one doesn’t specifically offer a birthday perk, but as I’m traveling to a place with a casino I’ve visited this month, and they sent me a flyer with an overlapping perk, it caught my eye:

  • Twice weekly free play offer
  • Mystery free play on kiosk

The mystery free play has a minimum additional value of $20 according to the flyer. So if I chose to go on a day where they weren’t offering this, I’d be giving up the extra $20 or more (and it’s always best to presume the minimum).

As it turns out, there is another scenario, unfortunately on a day I can’t go, where they’d basically offer me double free play, which in my case beats the minimum offer.

In a perfect world I’d time for that, but since this is a trip around other planned travel, I optimized to my best ability. But with so many bonus days on their calendar (11 out of 31, many of them following on non-work nights like Friday/Saturday), it’s certainly savvier to time a trip when those bonuses are being extended vs. taking the standard offer.

Stacked Scenario #2: Tier Multiplier

Both my in-state casinos are doing tier multipliers for the holiday weekend, but one of them (Foxwoods) lets you claim your standard free play offer whereas the other doesn’t. So this scenario exists:

  • Standard free play offer
  • Tier credit multiplier
  • Birthday kiosk free play offer

The birthday free play could be nominal, but paired with other free play and the tier credit multiplier, it makes it a good time to pop in and play. Since Mohegan Sun isn’t far away, if I do well or want to switch it up, I can always migrate over.

Stacked Scenario #3: Four in One Stop

Another of my locals (MGM Springfield) has reactivated my offers after a visit in May, their offer stack is by far the best of the ones here this month. If I go on a Friday, the following is available to me (for the first visit; all but the birthday offer is available on subsequent visits):

  • Standard weekly free play offer
  • Bonus birthday free play offer (the number of which is confirmed via email; no kiosk swipe)
  • Kiosk free play offer (each visit the range in which the amount will fall grows)
  • Point multiplier (not tier, but points that can be spent as comps or free play)

That’s a pretty good stack of perks for a single visit, especially given what I normally play on a visit. This is a good example of a casino trying hard to get a player to come back; I’ve only visited twice in the last 12 months, but will definitely be visiting again in July.

My Best-Ever Birthday Stacked Scenario

Foxwoods really blew it out of the park one year for me. It was pretty absurd what I got for a birthday visit, along with a bit of sweetening on my own:

  • Birthday free play offer
  • Birthday comp dollar offer
  • Bonus $10 comp dollars at a slot machine
  • Free play redeemed from Foxwoods Online social casino play
  • Gift card offer collected
  • Free buffet voucher, as part of standard offers

I definitely got overcomped that visit, and my offers slid after that, but given the casino extends offers based on your historical play, they just got a bit overgenerous for my play. It was still a fun day to visit for me!

What’s been your best offer stacking scenario? Share in the comments!

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