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Stacking Offers: Casino Kiosk Games for Comps, Free Play

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Written by Joshua

Over the past few years, a wave of casino kiosks for players have been popping up. One specific company company, which Everi now owns, seems to have made a big splash because their particular kiosks have popped up in many of the casinos I’ve visited over the past couple of years.

The kiosks allow players to check their tier status, current offers, register for promotions and other basic steps that can keep players informed. But they can also serve as the ability to play a kiosk game for prizes, and that’s the purpose of today’s post.

Increasingly, casinos are promoting kiosk games, with prizes up to certain amounts, but the ability to get something for either showing up and swiping, or earning a certain amount of points (or sometimes, both). The thing that makes the kiosk games particularly interesting is they tend to be additive to any standing offers a player has available.

In other words, this gives players another stacking offers opportunity, just like when things like point multipliers land on days where free play or other situations are active.

The most common scenario I see, it gives access to free play when a standing free play offer is already active. Some casinos offer a marginal additional offer, but some seem to factor in players’ history as well, and offer better prizes ranges based on card tier or the player’s overall play.

I’ve seen other situations, such as earning a certain number of points trigger a voucher for free food or a significant discount at a restaurant (think Ellis Island and their $7.99 steak special for one example).

As a result, it’s increasingly important for players to check if there’s any promotions running at a given time, or else risk leaving some amount of comps or free play on the table. It also helps to read up on the promotions page of a casino’s website in case there’s a play to earn scenario that may not be immediately visible on the kiosk until you hit a certain amount of play.

To that end, I now make it a habit of checking the kiosk upon entering and leaving, just to be super sure I’m not leaving anything behind. Most of the time there’s little to no wait to check, so it’s not a time sink to do so. Most casinos also tend to hide these kiosks in various places, so if you know the place well, look for alternative locations for them in case the main area is busy.

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