The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’ COVID-19 Creativity

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Written by Joshua

As an independent casino in a great spot of the gambling capital of the world, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has been known for being creative with its casino marketing, whether for high rollers, getting players to come back during their Las Vegas visit or just having clever on-site promotions.

With the COVID-19 lockdowns causing Las Vegas, like other markets, to pause for awhile, many casino companies have had to consider what they’re going to do to keep their players engaged and encourage them to come back after the shutdown concludes.

Fortunately, they are doing a lot of things right, as they normally do. In this post I will cover changes they have implemented to their tier program and point earning as a result of COVID-19, as well as promotions they are running for their player base while things are shut down.

Its worth noting that all of the information here was verified as of publication, but like many things relating to COVID-19 are evolving. While I will do my best to keep things updated, be sure to check The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas website for up to date details.

Point and Tier Credit Changes

As of right now, any points and tier benefits slated to expire between the shutdown and June 30, 2020 are now extended to December 30, 2020, a six-month extension. Given The Cosmopolitan has a rolling tier year based on when you achieve a tier, as well as a rolling point expiration based on when they are earned, the extension is a fair scenario to extend.

This gives players time to come back once they reopen to continue where they left off. A six month extension for Vegas visitors is a good starting point, as many Vegas players to casinos like The Cosmopolitan are regular visitors.

No Emails, But Offers Still Accessible

While some casino companies have completely curbed any offers temporarily, The Cosmopolitan decided a middle ground was best. They stopped sending marketing emails to players for the moment, but gave players the option to log in and see their current offers. This makes it easier for those who wish to return to Las Vegas when it opens to understand whats available to them.

They have also reduced their cancellation policy window to up to 24 hours before arrival for any rooms booked through August 31, 2020, vs. 72 hours.

Online Video Poker Contest

A couple of regulars at The Cosmopolitan alerted me to an online video poker tournament, in partnership with – that site is a great resource for being able to play various versions of IGT-distributed video poker and practicing to make sure you are proficient in various games (their paid version provides access to a lot more, and I’ve definitely paid my monthly subscription for awhile there to get better!)

One thing also offers is a tournament-style way to play on various games and compete against others, and that format has been adapted admirably for The Cosmopolitan to extend to invited players!

It’s a very clever and nice way to offer players something a bit different right now, very much on brand, and the fact they have prizes you can win each week ($1,000 in total prizes weekly) also can get players excited about participating and coming back, while building affinity for The Cosmopolitan.

Add to that the video poker game is swapped out weekly, and you’ve got a lot of fun at hand. Points earned in this contest last through basically the end of the year.

Matching Game

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas matching game

Another game distributed with a wider reach player-wise came via email, offering the ability to play a matching game. Based on how quick you find the matches, you could win anywhere from $5 to $100 in Identity points, good for either resort credit or free play.

Anyone who plays is guaranteed something, and it’s actually a skill-based content given speed and accuracy is rewarded. They even give you a practice mode so you can get comfortable with the game before playing for your prize, a nice touch that allows players to have the best chances possible.

I personally was invited to play this one, and I earned enough points to receive the top prize of $100 in Identity credit, which combined with my existing offer to visit will work out quite nicely for my next casino trip! Points earned through this contest expire at the end of January.

As has been the case for some time, The Cosmopolitan has stepped up with some clever ways to keep their audience engaged during an unusual time, while setting the tone for being able to welcome guests back when the time is right. It underscores why The Cosmopolitan has a strong reputation among a class of players that regularly visit Las Vegas.

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