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US Casino Advantage: Great Table Games Information

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Written by Joshua

Last week on the site, I talked about my enjoyment of the site Vegas Advantage, which features tons of great information about Las Vegas including the best places to play table games.

The author, John Mehaffey, as well as his wife Kristina, have been expanding their worldview to cover other markets, like Maryland, Colorado and Atlantic City, and as a central hub for their various sites, they’ve launched US Casino Advantage.

However, one of the things I like about the site is it isn’t just a pamphlet with links out to the other sites – there’s some genuinely helpful information on here, especially for table game players, which can help demystify things.

While many people who read the site are slot players, I know many slot players who dabble in other things in the casino like tables or video poker, so I do try to surface great resources like US Casino Advantage when I can.

Here are a few examples of articles you can find on the site:

The site also features a series of posts around John and Kristina’s travel as they were compiling the information that led to the launch of many of the new sites. For those who enjoy my travel posts here, you’ll find more like that with them. They did a bit of trip reporting, a bit of planning behind the scenes, and more. All of those posts can be founded as part of the Blog section.

Finally they have some good round-ups of the main casino comp programs, not unlike what we’ve published here, but always a good review if you need to refresh yourself on that information.

I recommend checking out their sites, as it’s full of great information, and it helps support the continuing efforts of independent authors like John.

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