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WATCH: Are Slot Machines Rigged?

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Written by Joshua

Sometimes, people don’t want to hear from writers like me if slot machines are rigged – they want to hear it from a primary source, someone who actually has first-hand knowledge about these topics.

So how about someone who developed the operating systems that slot machines use to run? All you’ll need to provide is five minutes of your time, and you’ll learn a lot from Greg Dunlap about a slot machine and why slots aren’t rigged, but are instead very well designed systems to make money for casinos:

Despite the video being a few brief minutes, he covers a lot of ground, including:

  • The heavily regulated nature of the business
  • The requirement of an element of randomness
  • The casino math of wins and losses (which leads to Return to Player/RTP calculations)
  • How a game can be designed to get the payout a game designer wants
  • The psychology of paying different amounts at somewhat random intervals
  • Near misses that make you think you almost won
  • How near misses can be more psychologically compelling than wins

This is a helpful watch for those who are more visual learners, but even fans of this site will find much of this a nice review of things previously discussed here.

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