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Wynn Rewards Offers Summer 2021 Tier Match

Wynn and Encore Las Vegas
Written by Joshua

With casinos getting back to full power once more and competition becoming big again, it’s Wynn Las Vegas offering a tier match program for summer 2021, something new for them, but their players card didn’t have tiers in Vegas until recently either.

The tier match program is running throughout the months of June, July and August. Depending on the players cards you hold at casinos on their match list, you can upgrade to the Platinum or Black tier. Both of those tiers have monetary value to them, so there’s definitely value in completing the tier match if you’re eligible and stopping into the Wynn.

Their terms and conditions indicate you must visit a Wynn Las Vegas rewards desk, and the cards selected for match are Nevada/California centric, so this does look to be solely a Las Vegas match. I can only find reference to this on the Wynn Las Vegas site, and not the Encore Boston Harbor site.

That said, they’re also matching virtually every major national company (including Caesars, Mlife, B Connected and mychoice) so there’ll be a lot of players eligible.

In California they’re matching major casinos like San Manuel and Pechanga, so they’re also going after the regional visitor with this tier match.

When you tier match, you get to keep the tier for the remainder of 2021 and all of 2022, according to the terms, so that’s a solid 18 months of retaining status (with all of 2022 to renew the status if you wish to keep it).

Also, similar to the ongoing Mlife Rewards tier match, if during the match window you gain a higher tier at a casino they match, that would now make you eligible for a higher tier match, you can match again.

This is certainly a solid offer that if you’re going to be in Vegas this summer, is worth taking advantage of. We’ll have to see if they extend it beyond the initial three months, similar to what Mlife has done with theirs, but for at least the summer, there’s another great matching option to enjoy.

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