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Scientific Games Giving Players Some Bet Control on iDeck of Some New Games

Written by Joshua

In the earlier days of video slot machines, a lot of control was given to slot machine players over things like number of lines and bet multipliers. Older video slot machines would many times have arrows on the screen controls for more granularity than the buttons could allow for (since there was only so many physical buttons available).

As video slots became more ever present, the line options began to disappear on many games, and the bet choices came down to a few simple bet options.

The space freed up from removing the lines allowed for more complexity like gold symbol bets on Dancing Drums, the Mighty Cash bet on some versions, or additions like more/better bets.

But it also meant a limited number of bet choices, usually 5 or 6, with sometimes big leaps between bets. What if you don’t want to bet 10x line bets, but perhaps 4x or 6x? If the game didn’t give you a choice, you were out of luck. Occasionally you’d find a game like Fu Dao Le with a lot of bet options on one bet panel, but that was rare.

Big Money Burst bet panel

So it was nice to see this addition by Scientific Games to many of their new games, like Zeus Power Link and the Big Money Burst series. You get a granular choice of all the bets in between, at least giving more flexibility on the same machine without having to shrink anything down further.

It’s a small, but helpful, addition that can make games a bit more accessible by allowing a wider range of bet options outside a few forced choices selected by either the manufacturer or the casino.

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