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100 Wolves: Volatile Slot Machine That Carries on the Wolf Run Tradition

100 Wolves by IGT pay table
Written by Joshua

When you’re in a smaller casino or on a cruise ship, both things I’ve experienced, you’ll sometimes give games you’d normally overlook a second glance. Such was the case recently with 100 Wolves, an old IGT game I saw on Freedom of the Seas, and I’m glad I took the time to sit down and check out the game.

The game evolves the structure of Wolf Run while maintaining the theme of the symbols and so on, expanding the game to 100 lines and revising the bonus from 5 spins to 10. The game retains the volatility of Wolf Run, balancing the expansion of lines and bets with those stacked wilds that can drive sizable wins when the right scenarios occur.

100 Wolves by IGT bet panel

With 100 lines comes 100 credit bet increments, vs. the 40 traditionally found on the original Wolf Run. The machine I encountered on the ship was old enough that the buttons had no panels working under the buttons, so they just put stickers on the buttons instead.

100 Wolves by IGT 61x line hit

My sessions on the game were pretty potent; on one sit down I got a 61x line hit. This has followed a 40x bonus. The game reminded me just a touch of Stinkin’ Rich given the line count, and the stacked wilds’ ability to deliver some strong pays.

The 10 free games in the bonus helps a lot since even on the original Wolf Run it can be difficult to make anything happen with the five spins it offers.

As someone who was a late convert to Wolf Run (and I also enjoy the newer Wolf Run Gold) I’m similarly onboard with this variation. And for those who may not have noticed, just as Lil’ Lady is a Wolf Run clone, 100 Ladies is a 100 Wolves clone.

Sometimes IGT makes games that just offer decently good payouts if you’re patient and not looking for hits constantly, and this one’s right in that wheelhouse.

Watch and Learn

Slotlady played the game starting at 9:33 in this video:

kometbaby had a strong, over 100x bonus on the game here:

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