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Black Knight: Full Reels of Sticky Wilds Make for Strong Free Games Potential

Black Knight by WMS logo
Written by Joshua

At the same casino I saw the WMS classic Great Wall, I also found Black Knight, a game I recently was reminded of when playing Gold Stacks 88 Turtle Kingdom.

Part of the transformative G+ line by WMS, Black Knight had a number of things in common with its sisters in the series, such as the ability for some serious line hits even in the base game, with the top symbol paying 2000 credits per line (times your line bet) if you get five of a kind. There are wilds in reels 2, 3 and 4 to help provide some additional matching up. As such, there’s decent volatility but the game can open up well.

The bonus is the special sauce, like many games. The trigger has to happen on consecutive reels, starting from the first, but like many games with this requirement, the wild symbol matches the bonus symbol. You get a bigger scatter trigger with more symbols, but the bonus structure is the same for all triggers.

You get seven spins. At any point, if the wild symbols found in reels 2-4 lands, they expand to take over the full reel, and stick until the end of the bonus. This means if you can get one in each of the reels, you’ll have reels 2, 3 and 4 completely wild for the remainder of the bonus, and the pays can of course rack up quickly from there, especially if you get five of a kinds.

The game has remained popular enough to yield sequels such as Black Knight II and Black Knight Diamond, both of which have been semi-difficult to find but are fun in their own right.

But it’s the original that carries a lot of fun memories for many slotters, and continues to get play in casinos that have it.

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