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Dancing Drums Reels: Mechanical Version of a Favorite

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Written by Joshua

Dancing Drums has been one of the more popular slots to come along in awhile, enough so that sequels and sister games have come out for years, and based on my site stats you all love reading about Dancing Drums as well.

Like 88 Fortunes before it, Dancing Drums has now seen a mechanical reel version introduced, called Dancing Drums Reels.

Unlike 88 Fortunes, the Dancing Drums game stays a bit more faithful to its five reel version with a five mechanical reel version of the game that features all ways pays and stacked symbols.

To accommodate the mechanical reel format the game has been modified a bit from its namesake. First, you can’t choose the number of gold symbols – you’re locked into a five gold symbol scenario, so your bet increments are 88 credits. Of course, that means you’re automatically eligible for the progressives.

Dancing Drums Reels by Scientific Games select a feature

The standard Dancing Drums bonus is all about what reel set you want, but mechanical reels don’t allow for such a scenario, so instead you’re given a choice of multipliers when you get a line hit. The Mystery Pick is also there, which chooses between the free game count options and the multiplier options.

Retriggers happen as per normal, and larger trigger symbol counts pay larger as well, but now they can be multiplied in the bonus.

Dancing Drums Reels by Scientific Games mystery pick outcome

I got two bonuses on my initial session, and chose mystery both times. In both cases I was given the free game/multiplier setup that matched a button. On the original Dancing Drums I’ve been trounced by Mystery too many times to count (and way more than the average I would expect), so it was nice to get two normal bonuses here.

Dancing Drums Reels by Scientific Games bonus outcome

The game actually felt a touch less volatile, perhaps because of the game design limitations of physical reels and the structure present, but I had a fun run on the game and would certainly recommend it to Dancing Drums fans.

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Here is a video from TheBigPayback:

Here is a bonus from the game by Big Slotter:

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