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Diamond Hunt: Scatter Symbols Lead to Success

Diamond Hunt by WMS 200x win
Written by Joshua

Last week I spoke of Montezuma, one of my favorite Blade-era games from WMS. Another one is Diamond Hunt, which uses a scatter symbol model to deliver some potentially big wins, as well as some strong line hits in the premium symbol.

The two key symbols to this game is the female character, which is a stacked symbol, and the diamonds, which are also a stacked symbol. Like some other Blade era games, the competition of the stacked symbols can both get in the way and deliver major payouts.

The latter is of course more rare, but see the picture above for an example of a 200x win with just a little bit of the premium symbol delivered in each reel. A full screen of the symbol on this 40 line game at 80 cents would be an impressive $2,000.

The diamonds equally have potential, and a full screen of them would yield a similar $2,000 on that 80 cent bet. But the diamonds can show up in scatter and just need to have 5 or more. The Diamonds pay out as a multiple of the bet as follows:

  • 5 Diamonds: 1x your bet
  • 6 Diamonds: 2x your bet
  • 7 Diamonds: 3x your bet
  • 8 Diamonds: 5x your bet
  • 9 Diamonds: 20x your bet
  • 10 Diamonds: 25x your bet
  • 11 Diamonds: 30x your bet
  • 12 Diamonds: 35x your bet
  • 13 Diamonds: 40x your bet
  • 14 Diamonds: 50x your bet
  • 15 Diamonds: 60x your bet
  • 16 Diamonds: 75x your bet
  • 17 Diamonds: 100x your bet
  • 18 Diamonds: 500x your bet
  • 19 Diamonds: 2500x your bet

The Diamonds pay table takes an interesting leap between 8 and 9 diamonds, which goes from just an OK scatter pay to a decent one instantly. Of course, with the premium symbol getting in the way during the base games, as well as of course other symbols, it can get more difficult.

Three or more bonus symbols yields free games, which is where it can get a bit more interesting. You get more spins and bonus credits if you get more bonus symbols on the trigger:

  • 3 bonus symbols: 10 free spins
  • 4 bonus symbols: 20 free spins and 10x your bet
  • 5 bonus symbols: 50 free spins and 100x your bet

During the free spins, the premium symbol joins the diamonds as part of the scatter pay pay table. While the pays remain the same as the diamonds above, with the premium symbol also counting you have a more frequent chance of getting paid, and having more symbols to get paid on.

This can make for a pretty strong bonus if you get a few spins with enough scatter pay symbols counted up. The bonus is not particularly hard to get relative to some games nowadays, so getting to that opportunity is not totally out of the question.

This is one of those games I have put a decent amount of time into over the years, and I have had some really good wins on it. It also has a clone, Mu Gui Ying, that has flags and an Asian theme but is otherwise the same. Both are not the easiest to find in a casino, but there are enough of them out there still today.

Watch and Learn

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