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Double Triple Diamond Deluxe with Cheese: 3 Reels, With Lots Going On

Triple Double Diamond Deluxe with Cheese line hit
Written by Joshua

Last week I wrote about King Cash, one of those Barcrest/IGT machines that has an interesting offer-based bonus on the top box. But one of my favorite in this series type is another I got to play recently while traveling, and that’s Double Triple Diamond Deluxe with Cheese.

This game mixes together a few mechanics – first, it’s the Triple Double Diamond theme, which has both triple and double symbols, which adds to the game’s volatility. It leverages the Deluxe mechanic of moving symbols into the payline if an arrow is pointing towards it and the bar symbol it’s on lands off the payline.

If the arrows complete a line hit by moving symbols into position, you get paid, simple enough, as seen by the image atop this article.

Triple Double Diamond Deluxe with Cheese pay table

Like other Barcrest games of its type, the third credit only boosts the top payouts, funneling most of the value into a bonus round that sits on the top box and is triggered if the bonus symbol appears on line three.

Triple Double Diamond Deluxe with Cheese top box

Unlike the offer based bonuses though, you roll a die and move a certain number of spaces clockwise around the board, which can offer:

  • Credit prizes: Win the credit prize and roll again
  • Food/drink prizes: Collect enough of them to move up to the next tier
  • Question Marks: Question marks will either let you continue the bonus or collect your prize
  • Collect symbol: The bonus is over and you collect the value of the prizes you landed on during the bonus

The bonus is therefore more open ended and can last a long longer than a traditional Barcrest bonus. However, collecting all nine food items needed to reach the top layer of the burger, or completing 50 rolls without collecting, will award 5000 additional credits and complete the bonus, in this example above.

This is effectively how you can handpay on a 25 cent denomination version of this machine, albeit a very difficult one (understandable given the game is a 3 credit, 75 cent game at that format).

It’s not as easy a bonus to get as some of the other Barcrest games can be, but there’s a lot more potential here so that tends to be the balance.

It remains one of my favorites to seek out on a casino floor, and I can’t recall seeing a direct remake of this one by IGT, but when Barcrest was releasing games through WMS, they had a game called Triple Golden Cherries with Sprinkles on Top, which clearly drew some inspiration from this game.

Double Triple Diamond Deluxe with Cheese Slot Videos

Brian Christopher played the game in this video at $10 denomination:

Here is a $5 denomination video from LG Slots on the game:

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  • My absolute favorite slot of all time. Used to be everywhere in Vegas 15 years ago but now almost impossible to find. The last I knew was at Paris and the reels were very faded. Mad money martians was usually found with this and King Cash. Might make another good article.

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