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King Cash: Unique Bonus Round Makes for Fun Slot Machine Play

King Cash by IGT two lion heads reels
Written by Joshua

When I take trips to Las Vegas I will sometimes seek out some older reel slots to shake things up, and one that I’ve found and taken a liking to over time is King Cash.

King Cash by IGT pay table

Like many Barcrest/IGT slot machines, the game is a three credit game, but the final credit only boosting the top pay and offering the round, making it a sort of more/better bet scenario for that max bet by buying into a bonus round.

King Cash by IGT two lion heads reels

The game leverages the classic Double Diamond format, but adds in lion heads, which are used to get the bonus. When not betting max, the lion heads pay a line pay, whereas getting three scattered lion’s heads triggers the bonus.

King Cash by IGT two red lion heads

However, how many offers you get (like Top Dollar this is an offer based bonus round) depends on whether you get a mix of red and blue heads, all blue heads or all red heads. A mix of both head colors gets two offers (the least you can get), three blue heads gets three offers, and three red heads gets five offers (the most you can get).

King Cash by IGT top box

Then the lights will move around the figure 8 and come to a stop on an offer, which you can accept or reject, just like Top Dollar. The game will tell you the best option mathematically, like many other offer games. The bonus ends when either you accept the offer or reveal the last offer available, which is accepted automatically.

The bonus feels harder to trigger, but seems to pay better, than a game like Top Dollar, making the game ultimately more volatile by comparison. It’s probably closer to Pinball in that aspect of things.

Fans of the game will be happy to note IGT has also revived this game on newer cabinets, so it’s likely to stick around, just in a newer format, in higher denomination areas of the casino floor. Hard Rock in Atlantic City has had the newer version in their high limit room, for instance.

King Cash Slot Videos

Here is a King Cash group pull video Brian Christopher did on the Oasis of the Seas cruise ship:

Here is an old video from Diana Evoni featuring the game with Jason:

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